A big smile say much to a woman about you: you are sociable, you are friendly, and you are happy.Smile is easy and effective with women. It will be a soft woman, and she will not feel threatened by you. Credit: Hudson Power Express-2011. When you smile to a woman, is sending the message that you’ve noticed it and she should know that you are interested in it. If a woman smiles at you, she is sending the same message. Always return the smile of a woman with what tells you is friendly, not complicated and accessible. When you make eye contact with a woman, you must follow it with a smile.

If you do not, she may see him as angry, stupid or a jerk! You could be trying to stay cool while maintaining a serious face, but women don’t want that a woman wants a friendly, accessible type to smile at her and give a sign of approval. Smile a woman is to tell that you are interested in it. If a woman returns both gestures, eye contact and smile you know you left an impression. You will have a pretty good chance for success when she already has given him approval to get closer. It is important to smile to women, and is also important to smile as long as friends and strangers. If a woman is looking at him, and view her positively, she will see it as a type that knows how to have a good time. A woman may notice him laughing and enjoying. She will see it as a type that would be fun to go out and have a good time. If you do not have secure smile, practice every day in front of the mirror, or just smile to people you come into contact throughout the day. You will quickly feel well with his smile, and reactions that you get from being kind. For your success with women! Harold Ortiz how to conquer a woman original author and source of the article