Waiver of printed advertising material should be promoted by means of provision of offers of leaflets and brochures online in the Web and mobile. meinKauf.at, representing the highest ranked platform for online prospectuses in Austria, consumers with the action meinBaum”the opportunity to contribute actively to the environmental protection to: around 713 kg of paper per household or 250 kg per citizen are consumed in Austria per year. If consumers in the future on searching the Internet offer Dodge on Securities prospectuses, a significant part of this amount can be avoided. For every blogger and Web site operators, which his Web site with the meinBaum”icon provides, plants a tree meinKauf.at. Proud 98 kg promotional material in the mailbox of a Viennese household land per year. This corresponds to a consumption of approximately 1.2 million trees per year counting on Austria (source: WWF 2011 study). Markus Pichler, CEO of meinKauf.at, sees in the action meinBaum”an important commitment to sustainability and social responsibility: Our action aims, unnecessary consumption of important resources such as wood, to avoid drinking water and electricity and to largely eliminate the production of classic brochures.

Advertising brochures make a significant portion of the per capita consumption of paper out. “About 75% (source: voez.at) this brochures land demonstrably unread in the garbage.” The Austrians consume almost twice as much as the EU average. All dedicated user meinKauf.at on his platform provides free of charge a please no advertising”stickers for the mail box available. Also continue to optimally inform of all product listings, you can find the current offers and promotions of retail online on the platform meinKauf.at. The customer can search free of charge and without registration for individual products and manufacturers. He gets displayed – all offers and promotions in the direct surroundings quickly and easily on the Internet as well as with the mobile app mEinkauf”. This has many not only for the consumers Benefits, but saves a considerable amount of paper, so that valuable resources and so actively contributes to a conservation of our living environment.

Sites CO2 friendly make meinBaum the opportunity to offset the CO2 footprint of their blogs also offers bloggers and website operators: A study of Harvard University according to an average website causes approx. 3.6 kg of CO2 per year. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC), the international environmental agreements of the United Nations, absorbs about 10 kg of CO2 a tree per year. meinKauf.at is committed to the task, actively contributing to environmental protection and supports therefore the organization plant for the planet”. For any involvement of the meinBaum CO2-friendly “-icons per blog or website will be with the help of plant for the planet” planted a tree in Central Europe. Further information under environment meinKauf.at meinKauf.at is an innovative online platform to products of daily use to search online and compare. Through the Digitization of advertising brochures created a new access to the active use of brochures on demand according to individual needs. The company was founded in the winter of 2011, as a company with limited liability. The 15-strong team working under the leadership of Markus Pichler and Markus Prinz in Vienna. meinKauf.at is mEinkauf as a mobile app”available for iPhone, iPad and Android. At meinKauf.at, including Alps ventures, a private equity firm in the Menuinfo co-founder Markus Pichler and Max Ferdinand Sheikh East, is involved.