MVNOs now had a market share of 10 percent, which could further increase but in particular through differentiation in the offers in Germany. There are differentiation of for example along different target groups with their own usage patterns. Brands such as Daimler about had already begun to establish MVNO models as part of the own brand world. How telcos expand their offerings and increasingly integrate television and video services into their existing product world, RTL presented mobile Vice President Robert Fahle. For him, the mobile Internet is a synonym for the connection between media and mobile radio industry. An analysis of the use of the media show that stationary media such as television or the Internet would be used at the weekend at least. This could change with mobile content.

However, he pointed to the necessary demand for network infrastructure: who reads the magazines, which really gets the impression that out there for the customers entire network infrastructure is available and we can come now actually with mobile TV, but also with mobile Internet and mobile video. But that of course is simply not true. Because the networks across in Germany we have as content providers already very considerable differences in service”, so pale. Unfortunately, it was reality, that the German mobile networks long ago not as a multi media networks are designed. For Jens Uwe Bornemann of the UFA film and TV Produktion GmbH is it more important to establish targeted offers. In addition to TV Soaps he opts for brand extension, the extension of programme brands. Thus, users in other communities would be picked.

For this for mobile gaming offerings, he still sees potential. Especially the user friendliness of the respective business models for the mass market, is important according to the participants of the Business Forum therefore for the end user. Complicated registration and billing models have this rather daunting”, said Andreas Dippelhofer, Member of the acoreus Executive Board and responsible for the sales. The settlement itself is no innovation.” But embedded in the business model she influence the economic success so the conclusion of Dippelhofer.