Career week offers a virtual career week the international news and Careers from 15-19 November in the in the period from 15th 19th November 2010. Every night from 18 h 19 h “Career planning and career” topics in webinars. The participation is free of charge, registration is not necessary. Information is power and currency in the virtual world,”sang Billy Idol in the 1980s and nothing has changed until today. Lifelong learning is a crucial career factor in our fast-paced world in which we know infinitely more than our forebears ever did, but probably not so good. Judging by the overall available knowledge, by year are dumber to year.

With fatal consequences because executives need for the economy and potential applicants in the 21st century diverse behaviors and skills, to cope with the challenges and problems of a global economy world”, says Holger Vogel, founder of the news and career portal Skills such as learning to learn, teamwork, conflict resolution and social competence, intercultural understanding and communication skills are important basic skills, which make it easier for future leaders, to get in globally operating companies and to work in interdisciplinary teams.” With the career week, which for the first time opens its virtual classroom from November 15-19, the gives the go-ahead for the online Academy, which allows users to participate in webinars from anywhere in the world, and to discuss with experts from around the world on various topics. The program of career week offers the following topics:? per 18.-7p.m.: With personality to convince to score it at the entrance in the labour market is not only by skill and good grades, but to make even his personality in the right light. In this webinar, participants get to know yourself better and get an insight into the exciting world of personality and soft skills. 16.11.2010 18-19: 00: the written application an appealing application opens the doors to the personnel office of employer of choice and is an important step in the career start. .