Which is especially important because of its quantity, characteristic for our urban environment. Such as having, for example, plastic windows lg. Currently in our market are windows with frames made of wood, aluminum and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Wood has good insulating properties and has a strength, but requires more specialized care than PVC, especially over time. Good wood windows are deep antiseptic infiltration (penetration of antiseptics and 50 mm deep into the wood). To make a wooden window has lived as long as possible, make an aluminum lining the outside of the box.

Are widely used in the main window profiles -U, uPVC, with high toughness, such as PVC salamander. High demand for PVC windows, due to reasons of both economic and technical nature. For example, in the German market in 1996, the proportion plastic windows was 49%, timber – by 28% to 30% aluminum and approximately 19-21%. In 1998, the proportion of plastic windows is 52%, wood – 26%, aluminum – 18% and 4% were combined window. Ie This proves the following: Western Europe’s greatest preference is given to plastic windows, which, in turn, denies any rumors about the fact that the plastic windows in Western Europe is no longer in demand. Today we are talking about that plastic window has a lifespan of about 50 years. Often, after such a declaration asking the question: how is it possible to prove it, because at present there is no PVC window that is already 50 years since themselves Plastic boxes are used only with the 60-ies.

It should be pointed out that when talking about the 50 year life of PVC windows, we’re talking about longevity profile. Sound-absorbing properties of the window are determined not so much material frame as the type of glazing and the performance of the construction. With noise-dampening window is particularly important density of all the connections and flows. Any looseness act as ‘noise-bridges’, as where air passes, there is the noise. Summarizing we can say that the profile is almost no effect on sound insulation.