After a super season of summer, Ibiza, the White Island, becomes to dress Gala to receive thousands of young people from all parts of the world in search of fun, alcohol and desire to feast. And it is one year, they return closures of Ibiza, the great feast of closing of all clubs of the island par excellence. This year, days which is expected a maximum audience are from September 30 to October 3. There are already many organized trips which are prepared from the closest ports: Barcelona and Denia (Valencia). These trips are initiated from the respective ports, with festivities aboard the ferry, and continue with a non-stop by the principal clubs of the island. Supermartxe, Space, Privilege, Amnesia are some of the clubs who have signed up to the carriage of this increasingly crowded fashion, and are the highlights of these awaited festivals to celebrate the end of summer. And is that if the beginning of the summer will always marked by the celebrations of San Juan on different beaches of coast, loscierres in Ibiza, is how they are consolidating one attractive island that puts end to what some consider to be the best season of the year, the summer. If you are thinking of enjoying this feast, don’t forget, only has an opportunity in the year dates are in sight! Original author and source of the article.