Many people drink grape wine, in the process of creating a winemaker who puts a piece of my heart, but have in your home collection exclusive picture painted with your favorite wine, make a unique gift – this is separate, unmatched fun! Vinopisi idea is very old and complex, and not everyone can paint a picture of the wine. Limiting the color is pushing the search form and volume, and wines from different grape varieties give different shades. The nature of wine is placed on the paper web and irreversibly, the wrong brush stroke can ruin all the work. The mood of the master ring in purple, lilac, pink and blue ottenkah.Osvaivaya unusual painting technique on watercolor paper grape wine, artist Elena Vasilieva experimented with wine for about a year. I tried to draw a hot, concentrated, oxidized wine. blicly. A long time was looking for creation process itself, how to properly draw the wine – technically. Thus, it has managed to achieve a completely unique shades from pale pink to rich red. Wine monochrome paintings resemble watercolor – grisaille.

Today it has developed its own unique technology letters using the natural dry wines Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi, Doina, Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc, Agaday. Wines are environmentally clean, own production, without adding water, the pure grape juice, which allows for in bright colors. For each picture to find the right variety of wine, because wine has a different hue, because the manufacture of its ipolzuyutsya different grape varieties. Thus all the pictures are unusual, interesting, can satisfy the most demanding and diverse tastes of art lovers. As good estimate whether a particular picture? As the saying goes' All truth is simple. " Rate each person can only their own feelings and emotions, which transmits a picture gallery by visiting Wine grisaille: