the end of 2005 was the high time of interactive works”on CD-ROM preclude linked to cooperation with the Georg Thieme Verlag. Services and Internet-based programs were to the new challenge. You thought basis for the sustained success of the medical people were Dr. Carl GmbH – the program concepts. Allows being produced by the active in the Dr.

Carl GmbH project manager from medicine and science with their media and software expertise, allows the band were also medically experienced graphic designer, animation programmers and software developers. “” “” In addition to the commissions, increasingly their own products, including PPplus emerged in the last few years”to extend the functionality of PowerPoint quiz go” and finding machine “for informing the Congress stand, Wii-based games for the serious gaming”, interactive poster “for the presentation of clinical studies and last but not least eDetails, electronic product information in the Internet. In addition to the doctors, and also the field staff the target group of patients in recent years increasingly gained in importance. It applies also to convey complex facts. In the 15 years of activity, Dr. Carl GmbH has successfully realized more than 500 projects. The Internet and powerful software systems have enormously expanded the possibilities of the computer during this time.

And now? The tags are target group-initiated communication, simulation and automatic adaptation to the needs of the user. With Web 2.0 can make himself the target groups technically without much effort in communication and information campaigns include. Here it is necessary to develop viable and meaningful content concepts. It is simulation programs that which scientific facts such as to represent the behavior of complex biological circuits with little effort can, in the most diverse areas of application to introduce. Last but not least the Development of software for learning and application of knowledge, which analyzes the input of its users and which adapts more processes to the respective knowledge. The medical people In the core of the activities of Dr. Carl GmbH are the independent generation of medical scientific content and its presentation and mediation with interactive and multimedia software company profile Dr. Carl GmbH. Software and media are used for the medical knowledge (medical education), information, training and communication. Target groups are doctors, patients and medical professionals. Dr. Carl GmbH implemented software for Internet-based product communication, microsites, eDetails speaker media, CME certified training modules, case-based communication concepts and programmes for the Conference interaction and information. The services include literature, medical writing, visualization with graphics, animation and video, as well as the realization of software and database solutions. Dr. Carl GmbH is since 1994 for well-known pharmaceutical and active medical device companies. Dr. med. Ingo Carl