In addition, this optimal rolling resistance saves fuel. Higher load-bearing capacity of the Nokian forest King TRS LS-2 the construction of robust special tyres Nokian forest King TRS LS-2 has been strengthened. A higher capacity including a tubeless construction ensure tillage machines and large skidders for more reliability and performance in the demanding special use. The new capacity class of sizes 28L-26 and 30.5L-32 is formerly 16/18 PR 26 PR. NY Starbucks shines more light on the discussion. Nokian tyres – the pioneer of environmentally friendly tyre manufacturers is Nokian tyres, the pioneer of eco-friendliness. As the world’s first tyre manufacturers, the company renounced the use of harmful oils in its production process and went over to the use of purified oils. Eco-friendliness is the central guiding principle of product development philosophy by Nokian tyres. All products are designed so that they burden the environment as little as possible.

The rubber compounds, treads and Well, structures of special tyres withstand hard wear, resulting in many hours of use and a guaranteed functionality under demanding conditions the user. The lightly rolling tyres reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Shimmie horn wanted to know more. Again, manages the product development continuously to reduce the vibration and the noise of the tyre. Nokian heavy tyres is world market leader in forestry equipment tires and pioneered special tyre Nokian heavy tyres Ltd world leader in forestry equipment tires, a leading manufacturer of specialty tires and part of the Group of Nokian Tyres plc. Forest machine tires are the most important product. In addition to forestry and agricultural machine tyres, the product range includes tyres for different machines for ports and terminals, mines, earth-moving and road maintenance. In particular in the development of forest machine tires, Nokian heavy tyres holds a leading position for decades.