Osmanagich grave Rauberei, which have far more serious in the eyes of historians and anthropologists, the irretrievable destruction of buildings and artifacts from the Roman period and the middle ages. So the tunnel exposed by Dr. Osmanagich is nothing according to the unanimous opinion of the scientist that never were but almost without exception, but abandoned mining shafts of the Romans and the medieval population of the region. Similar to apply to found stone balls, which writes to Dr. Osmanagich early historical craftsmanship. The discovery of similar balls all over the world is proof that there must be a natural origin.

Thus, it is exciting to experience, how to keep a your full-bodied promise and put her critics with the revelations during the Conference series to silence Dr. Osmanagich and his comrades. In any case, it promises an entertaining event to be, since the discussion section with the audience after each of the four speakers talk time will be given. Who would like to participate in the dispute or who is persuaded by the ideas and theories of the four visionaries would like to leave, should grab the opportunity and be at one of the four conferences in. The event dates are: 17 February 2011 Cologne, Cologne-Hurth 18 Feierabendhaus February 2011 Frankfurt, Hall Griesheim 19 February 2011 Stuttgart, collaboration Conference and meeting centre 20 February 2011 Munich Holiday Inn Munich City Centre tickets available at day ticket: 120 half day ticket: 75 special rates for students, day tickets 75 OLAF Kaul world wide search industry str. 13 c, CH-6300 Zug Tel.: 77 67 / fax: + 41-41-711 77 69 / events press contact: onlinerclub Agency for creative communication, Olaf Kaul, Marktplatz 10, Gau-Algesheim 55435. Tel.: 59 0 / fax: 59 20 /