Bobby Gartner

The result would be that he is big trouble in the future, to hide any bowel movement in front of you – behind the sofa for example, or in the dressing room. If he is in the Middle, bust him all alone (wipe You must now anyway) say “No!”, then put him on his diaper and praise him there, even if he no longer pees. In the course of time, the diapers walking direction front door, from the three yes-go to four times a day with him, until the pads go away at some point. You will notice that he must be on the toilet because he seeks the diaper on his behavior. In the best case, he runs excitedly between you and the site, on which the diaper should be, back and forth. Voila! Let’s go to out there. Now he has learned Yes, relax with the stress and all the distractions on the road to deal.

Each small dog can be dry-with these housebroken tips thinking remember: it’s never the fault of your shy when “accidents” in the House. Every misfortune means that you have not well respected enough on him. Whether and how quickly a dog is housebroken, is alone, how well you observe your dog and how well you have his schedule in the handle. We need a playpen! If you keep your puppy does not permanently in the eye because you just vacuuming alone, a telephone conversation or have to sit at the desk, accommodate your clumsy quadrupeds in sight in a den. It’s good also for your puppy, because he feels then not lonely. A children’s den retired from may suffice for small breeds. Who has to do with larger dogs, need a handy puppy metal lattices (which you can later resell).

Put his cup and put out the rest with pee pads (from the pet shops). Young dogs within a few days usually understand that dealing with the diapers. So soon you feel your dog is actually aimed at the pads, reducing the number of documents more and more, until only one or two are in the corner. Pipi rounds must be not interesting if you have the secure feeling that even after months of pee training diaper like the concept better your young dog, than to go to the bathroom outside, bring to you in the morning as the first out there (tracksuit next to the bed, so you must not long around search) and go with him just as long on the wall up and down, until he must dissolve. Newspapers to read are there companies you really dear puppy pads as newsprint. Some dogs like to remember the cosy puppy time even after years and in particularly bad weather and then misunderstand the Sunday newspaper spread out to read. You have to remedy puppy pads later rarely somewhere accidentally lying around. A flower pot is not a toilet if your puppy on a bathroom space in the apartment, which you had not planned, lay the pads there for a while and move it over the course of days slowly in the direction you want. If he used both places, make another bulky as Pinkel obstacle at the point a large flower pot or anything. It is worth to read the tips and tricks for the puppy training by Bobby Gartner. They are easy to implement and easy to understand. Almost like a House-trained warranty. Bobby gardener, April 2010

Federal Agriculture Ministry

The problem comes more and more not only since the Gottingen Declaration of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the Munsterland Horstmar empty not only since the Gottingen Declaration of the agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the Munsterland Horstmar empty comes more and more the problem of the chronic form of a Botulinumtoxikose caused by Clostridium botulinum to the light of day. Animals get sick, but also pet owners become ill. And not taking seriously this policy and the agricultural associations. Prof. Dirk Dressler of the medical school has first described the transmission from animals to humans (zoonoses) and presented on the 9 main meeting of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in Gottingen. 5% of German cattle farms were affected by the chronic botulism and would pose a risk for the food chain, so Prof. Dr. Helge Bohnel from Gottingen.

And the high risk of chronic Botulism in humans confirmed also Prof. Dressler (Hannover). Mrs Prof. Monika Kruger an seuchenhaftes event, sees in the creeping disease because it ill animals on a holding in a certain period of time and the disease spreads further in the operation, what however doesn’t seem so the Department of agriculture. “A disease under the animal diseases Act would not meet requirement”, from the Ministry of agriculture.

Infected animals can be slaughtered normally and get into the food chain, because the disease in slaughtered animals remain inconspicuous, meanwhile in the macroscopic veterinary investigation (the so-called meat inspection) they do not differ from normal animals. The MDR has in the show exactly (broadcast from the 20.4 2011-27th 2011) set up with the chronic botulism. An affected farmer reported by the factor disease of chronic Botulism in his dairy farm. He has lost more than 400 animals. The farmer family is ill. Here the link to the show: the Federal Agriculture Ministry sees until today no transferability of the animal on the People (zoonosis).