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At the present time freelancing is gaining momentum and becoming more popular. Independent workers offering their services to customers without long-term commitments. Cooperation agreement, order fulfillment and payment of labor is done by modern means of communication – the Internet and other, so a freelancer and the client may be in different locations around the globe. Working as a freelancer can be a stepping stone towards a own business or just build a good career. But for the beginners there are always some obstacles that will have to overcome to succeed.

The main condition to achieve high results in Remote work is your professionalism. Here you are alone, and there are no more senior staff of the office that would help you or fix your mistakes. In addition to professional, you should have a range of qualities and skills to compete successfully with colleagues and meet customer requirements. To start, you need to take care of personal branding. You can decide how you call yourself: use your full name, or just pseudonym, or in the name includes the service provided (eg, Prof Design). This is the name you use and all exchanges of freelancing, and on his personal website. Promote need only one name, one brand, so in the beginning need not wrong with the choice of brand, or if it changes the efforts on promotion may be lost in vain. It is also reasonable to think for themselves any logo, especially if you are doing design, and use it on the stock exchanges as avatar.

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For your next trip to New York, we propose to rediscover one of the most emblematic sites of the city: SoHo. There you will find the cutting edge of art and fashion and endless opportunities to feel a true New Yorker. To the South of Houston and extending up to Canal Street stands one of the most popular and chic New York areas: SoHo. In fact, a trip to the Big Apple would be incomplete if we do not aventurasemos between these huge buildings of iron casting with its attractive Baroque and Renaissance facades. A neighborhood that residents of New York reinvents itself claim that SoHo is the neighborhood more authentic city and they’re probably not very irrelevant. However, it wasn’t always so. In the beginning, at the end of the 19th century and early 20th, SoHo was an industrial zone that many knew the name of the hundred Acres of hell.

In the Decade of the 1970s these old industries were remodelled and became very appetizing lofts, above all by their low prices. This attracted immediately to an army of artists who took the airy and spacious spaces to establish his studies there. SoHo was gradually becoming a flamboyant and bohemian neighborhood. Therefore, real estate prices began to grow and have now come to such an extent that it is one of the most exclusive areas of New York. In this way, the streets that once had a Bohemian flavor covered chic Aires. However, if still touring the South you will find the spirit of the old SoHo. Yet some artists who each morning to take to the streets to sell his paintings live here.

Gourmet delights walking the streets of SoHo and leave with empty hands will be a mission impossible, even for those who are addicted to shopping. The fashion boutiques of signatures of worldwide fame as Louis Vuitton and Prada are interspersed with small businesses of antique shops and art galleries. If you travel towards West Broadway find radiant shop Tag Heuer Watches and the most exclusive of Ralph Lauren. Among the myriad of shops that are erected in these streets will also find charming business that are a true Ode to vintage style. To complete the wide range of offerings, Sunday is a particularly picturesque and lively flea market. Short breaks to New York, especially in the area of SoHo, also offer you other surprises: the pleasure of tasting the delicacies of the international cuisine. The Baltazar you will find more exalted French cuisine, in the Raoul s authentic Italian taste and at the Savoy classic American cuisine dishes are waiting for you. But not everything is architecture, art and fashion in SoHo: perhaps one of the greatest pleasures that bring you the visit is colorful and the spontaneity of the people passing through the neighborhood, prepare your camera!