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Classy spend the evening of life, of every person dreams. Hardly a person would voluntarily be deported in a nursing home. Every second person has fear of ‘Age’. Nursing homes should really ensure that there lacks the needy nothing. Extra, many families are looking for their parents a very expensive health care facility. They believe that their relatives in an expensive retirement home is well supplied.

Unfortunately, that is not so in most cases. Just in nursing homes/care homes expensive not also equally good care means. It happens very often, just helpless patients with drugs to be sedated. So they do not work and the nursing home collected much money without really touching the patient to deal with. Care Dienst24, has focused on the 24-hour care. The partner who provides the care workers, has only experienced nursing staff under contract. The caregivers come from Poland and are perfectly legal in Germany. For all caregivers Sick verse, verse of liability, accident verse.

and all social security contributions paid. The nurses are 24 hours at the care people and take care of all the activities incurred. The company care offers respite care, as well as long term care. This type of care is a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and the elderly person, will remain in their familiar environment. More and more senior citizens or their family members decide exactly for these reasons for a service in your own four walls. Seniors who are lovingly provided in familiar surroundings, stay even longer mentally fit and have a dignified retirement despite some limitations. Services: senior care 24-hour nursing care for elderly M.O.Belding settlement way 1 28844 Weyhe Tel: 04203-440515 mobile: 0172-9579650 Web:

Mendoza City

Mendoza is a city in argentina and capital of the province bearing the same name, known for the beautiful landscape that gives. Being situated at the base of the Cordillera of the Andes, you can see the colors of the mountains and the scent of their vineyards, producers of the most prestigious wines of South America. Its economy is based on the production of excellent wines. A procedure that starts in the cultivation of the grape and concludes in elegant wines that are exported to the rest of the world. Currently, there are over a thousand docientas cellars, of which 100, are entitled to receive tourist visits. You can visit the natural processes of cultivation and surprise with cutting-edge technology that is used for drawing. Also include the cultivation of cherries, peaches, berries and the production of olive oil. Tourism is another element that is part of this city’s economy.

The city of Mendoza provides all the services and attractions of the big cities. You Mendoza that matches may choose a room in Diplomatic hotel to their needs, since has hotels of up to 5 stars, luxury restaurants, casinos, museums, artistic, cultural and commercial events. Vintage, is the time of harvest of the grapes. In allusion to the harvest, develop festivals in distitnas parts of the province of Mendoza, which begin in January and conclude in the month of March, with the known harvest festival that unfolds in the city of Mendoza. More than 800 featured artists are exposed in the harvest festival, and concludes with the election of the Queen of the harvest. Winter, provides all kinds of attractions for people who decide to travel to Mendoza. A few kilometers from the city, there are numerous ski resorts that provide alternative access to professional teams, tracks for different types of skiing, trained instructors and the potential that can be your family, thanks to the variety of such centres to its tourists. Another of the actractivos of Mendoza, is that it has two natural centres with the necessary equipment to receive tourists in its hot springs.

The springs are excellent to achieve muscle relaxation and alleviate disease. These establishments are assisted by health professionals to avoid any inconvenience. You can access places where native crafts, exhibitions where you will find traditional dress, as ponchos and blankets woven in loom and hand made leather accessories are made anywhere in the province. At any time of the year that decides to personally visit this wonderful place, you can see and to climb the impressive cerro Aconcagua, (depending on the weather and the season) one of the highest mountains in the world. Introducing so majestic landscape, Mendoza presents wide variety of access to extreme sports such as rafting, canoeing, trekking, horseback riding by mountains, hiking, mountain biking, water skiing, fishing, paragliding, balloon rides and other activities. The province combines relaxation and natural attractions, with vanguard and luxury sites. On occasion, you will find enjoying nature and sometimes enjoying a hotel in Mendoza with the services that are used to access. He has completed your virtual tour. We expect him to Mendoza to enjoy with all your senses. We hope to enjoy one of the best hotels, Diplomatic Hotel Mendoza. A hotel 5 stars where you can enjoy the luxury and comfort. If you liked this article, you can share it. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site.

Historical City

Italy is a country multifaceted, polarized if you want. Historically, developed and industrial North is contrasted to the South, more rural and less advanced technologically. However, in the recent years, especially after the second war, technology and industry, and agro-industries, were not that led Italy to be the seventh world economy. But this facet of development contrasts with the deep and rich history of Italy, cradle of Western civilization, and that has left a deep imprint on the European cultural development throughout history. What better idea that begin by Pisa, capital of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions of the Earth. And there is a hotel in ideal Pisa by its privileged location, very close to the most important tourist attractions of the area: AC Hotels in Pisa. AC Hotels is situated in the neighbourhood of Cisanello, a pop-up shopping area of Pisa, which has gone through a great development in recent years.

Is near the airport Galileo Galilei, the largest of the province, and boasts direct transportation for their guests to the Piazza dei Miracoli, the site where the world-famous leaning of Pisa Tower is located. Pisa has a special feature on its soil, and is that the same is quite sandy and unstable, so it is not the only Tower inclined city. The sandy soil tends to settle once the construction of the buildings has been completed, by which they are inclined unfailingly. The Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the attractions of Pisa which no visitor should not pass when in the city. It is, by definition, one of the most important centers of art and world culture, of great importance during the Renaissance.

The leaning tower is neither more nor less than the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin, an imposing basilica that has five naves. The Tower has around 55 meters high, a portent for the era, and dates from the year 1173. For many years, due to danger of collapse, was closed to the public, although in 2001, after more than ten years of work, was again allowed to be accessed. Without a doubt, this is one of the most picturesque sites of the city, which guests at the AC Pisa hotel will have access because they enjoy a facilitated transport service.

Wigald Boning

During a world tour, Wigald Boning and Roberto Di Gioia will present their recently established music label ‘Hobby’! The project is spectacular: 100 albums the two new plates bosses want to publish with maximum stylistic bandwidth over the next 15 years – the first eight albums are already available. “” Onstage Boning and Di Gioia explain how the idea of 21 songs, wanted to sing Tony Marshall “or the band with the yellowed photos” was established, who must make the CD covers in painstaking handwork and what hell ride you all people to travel to New York for the first concert. Following dates are already fixed (start each 20: 00): “14-16.11.2013: First Cologne living room theater”, Cologne, tickets at 0221 – 1300707 “04. 09.02.2014: Bar any reason”, Berlin, tickets under 030-8831582. “24.04.2014: Monastery church Lennep Remscheid”, Remscheid, tickets under 02191 997090. “08.05.2014: Culture Club”, Hanau, tickets under 06181-520520.

11.05.2014: Stone Court”, Duisburg, tickets on 0203 72999984. “14.05.2014: Spectrum”, Augsburg, tickets at 0821-2572828. “” See original wigs, Quentin and Roberto give samples from the Baroque album”among the best among other Baroque versions of well-known television signature tunes and Pippi Langstrumpf” FLIPPER”. For the Halbseiden-Raga good old India “the young founders to sitar, turban and bass recorder access, the new wave hits from the album Neon” wriggling movements be uncooler agreed to strict avoidance. The temporary Iroquois cut support from the State for BILDpunk”finally set to music Boulevard headline news. All in all: A comedic combo from self experience report and concert. Hobbyists of all countries, unite!