Contemporary Shop Building

Fashion trend in today’s Shop building is equipment made of wood and chipboard. Experts say its high efficiency and excellent demonstration features: furniture environmentally friendly natural materials underlines the freshness and beneficial properties for products such as bread, fruit, vegetables and wine. Bakery department at this time traced the development of an active range bakery products. Increased their share in the consumer basket. This is especially true of hot baking: fresh bread aroma creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth on the trading floor, as well as the appetite. Specialists Department design of TAS Retail recommend placing wooden shelves with hot pastries, or in the center of the room, or away from the shop entrance, on the path of customers through offices in the wine, dairy and cheese products. Source: NY Museums . As In practice, it encourages impulse buying related products (wine, cheese, fruit).

To effectively demonstrate the bakery products company TAS Retail furniture offers an array of pine, beech and chipboard under brand Molinari. The range includes a standard set of bread racks for supermarkets and hypermarkets with large-area calculations of wall and detached. Possible development and manufacture of commercial equipment wood or chipboard to order in full accordance with the spatial capabilities, product line policy, format and trade dress shop. “In developing the grain of natural wood shelving for minimarkets, for example, can be used shelves and storage of alternative materials: chipboard, MDF, metal, plastic, wire mesh, – the head of the design and concept stores of the company TAS Retail Ivan Murzenko – Supermarkets and convenience stores are usually bought wooden shelves on the basis of universal models, but with the use of decorative or unusual poloknakopiteley. The optimal solution for hypermarkets and shopping cash & carry format is the wooden furniture with no back wall: a design facilitates rapid supply of products from production facilities. ” The company also offers TAS Retail Chain baskets used for the most effective demonstration of small sized products (cakes, muffins, croissants), as well as natural stands of vines. This product is indispensable when you need to create a unique style bakery department of supermarkets and hypermarkets, or a boutique.

Bread racks Molinari used in networks such as “Food Market” (Arkhangelsk) and “Magnet”. Also among the company’s customers Bakery “Cheryomushki.” Fruit and vegetable department of a fruit and vegetable department has an important place in the equipment store. The best places to put it in front of the supermarket. It is an aesthetic appearance of fresh vegetables and fruit sets the mood of visitors and stimulates buying. The range includes shelving Molinari and collapse of pine or chipboard array coated with a water-based varnish. This standard solutions designed specifically for display and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables

Design Entertainment Center

Design-project areas – allows you to clearly explain to workers what is required of them, which in turn will accelerate the understanding and the process works in general, since it contains all the necessary documentation. Interior Design Apartments – aims to achieve comfort, because the room in which we live, must be not only beautiful but also convenient. Interior design cottage – helps to create not only comfort in his country house, but add to it elegance and consistency of style. Choosing the latter, as a rule, determines the direction of design. The design of the restaurant – gives an opportunity to clearly realize the ideas of creative design in order to create the necessary atmosphere of the restaurant hall and remembered by visitors to their uniqueness. Interior design shop – always able to prove himself as a store and brand as a trusted retailer or manufacturer of the or other products. Indeed, in the minds of consumers shop, made under the exclusive copyright design, will always be a priority compared with other similar products on him. The interior design of the bank – meant to create atmosphere of security and solidity of the institution at which customers would be coming, and with the help of directional style of design to make it clear what principles to the bank.

Interior design business center – helps translate original architectural interior solutions, which in turn accentuate class business center and increase the price of rent, because in this business center will strive to take place under the office only lead companies that care about their image. Interior design cafe or bar – will always be able to give the visitors a comfortable atmosphere and comfort, which is always nice to not only eat but also to spend an evening with friends. Design interior design beauty salon – to be developed so that, being the first minute in such an institution at the visitor evolved a clear conviction that he will get it, why he came here. Office interior design – as well as the interior design of the bank intends to highlight the status and respectability of the company, as well as have the tone and color of the walls, ceilings and furniture that will support the work atmosphere. Interior design boutique – designed to emphasize the expensive, high-quality brand products that are sold in the boutique.

Typically, such a design is created using the company colors and tones of this brand or trademark. Interior design and massage salon Interior Design SPA-salon-designed to create an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation (relaxation) to the person who came into this room, want to stay in it not for one hour. Interior Design Entertainment Center – can be very versatile. Much will depend on what entertainment there will be, but in any case, he interior should be really interesting and memorable. Source: Group of Nevada Home (Nevada Dom Group)

For flat roofs is the most suitable soft roof. The modern device with a soft roof makes it a highly reliable, with excellent waterproofing properties, refractory and resistant to temperature changes. Paperback roof of the new generation has mnogosharovoe device. Frequently amazing restaurateur has said that publicly. Its domestic sphere – a polymer base (fiberglass). Since both sides on the basis of applied polymer modified bitumen. From the outside, to protect the roof from mechanical damage and to improve the aesthetic appearance, are plotted in different colors of mineral granules.

Bottom unit with a soft roof provides a polymer film, which prevents bonding rolls in transportation and storage. This installation flat roof ensures its reliability in use, and significantly extends the use of lines. An important advantage of the updated soft roof is easy to install. Thanks deposited the ball, which when heated, glued to the surface there is no need to use mastic to set the coating. This greatly reduces the cost of roofing.

Consider the stages of soft roof repairs. First, of course, need to dismantle the old coating. The next step is the construction of additional layers to be like the foundation for a soft roof: vapor barrier, insulation and waterproofing layers. This presentation is a soft roof prevents the accumulation of sediment and evaporated moisture, condensation and as a result, the spread of mold in the building. After completing installation of protective layers should be installation of the ventilation system and a network of waterways. And the final stage of repair is to install the soft roof of the evrobituma. For greater reliability, protection against leakage coverage set overlap, after laying the edges additionally heated for best adhesion. Experts have calculated that the soft roof assembly which is made in compliance with all rules and regulations, provide period of operation of the roof to 25 years. Errors lead to negative consequences, reduced life, emergency repairs and additional costs.

Persia Carpets

Weighed several tons. Say Khosrow I loved to walk alone on the "tracks" of this "garden". In 641, Persia conquered the Arabs, and "Spring Carpet" disappeared. For the East the carpet – this furniture, and wallpaper, and a sign of affluence. The level of human welfare in the Ancient East was determined by the quality available in his home carpets. And she looked sorry for the family that could not ustelit floors of his house worthy of carpets. In a wealthy house should always be a lot of carpets, with the highest quality.

Exclusive Persian rugs fit perfectly into any interior. All products are absolutely unique for ornament, color, philosophy, finally, not to mention the size. Movement, the soul, eternity – here's a rug! Each product has its own name, its history of manufacturing. After all, each rug worked hand of the master-weaver, often neither one year. Thread in these carpets are colored with natural dyes derived on the basis of wood of different species, herbs and vegetables. With regard to ornamental motifs and themes carpets from Iran, the history of their origin is as follows: in the late pre-Islamic period in carpets present stylized pictures of animals and human figures. After the Arab invasion in the same design of some rugs there are verses from the Koran, in huge quantities produced prayer rugs.

Carpets swept the world of ornamental geometry. Golden age of Persian carpet weaving was the Safavid era. The new capital of Persia in the XV century, became the city of Isfahan. Here, in 1499 established the first royal carpet shop. Religious ban on image animals and birds was removed, the production of carpets has become one of the main sources of revenue. Today in the carpets reflect not only the antique motifs, but the Baroque, Empire, rococo, classicism, modernism and contemporary styles began to appear on the surface of the carpet. About Persian rugs can say that they – "talking". Their language – nodules and paint. Their image is never an accident – for the selection and arrangement of certain elements of the pattern are age-old tradition of Islamic art and culture, talent and vision of the wizard. Each ornament is encrypted a certain sense. In the diamond-shaped angular flowers and leaves with jagged edges, a fine jewelry tie in mosaic patterns can be read verses of the Koran, proverbs, legends, future owner wishes. From the middle of the XVI century Persia supplied carpets many royal courts and aristocratic houses of Europe. France alone spent on purchase Persian carpets so much money that it has become significantly undermine its economy. Henry IV, even founded his own carpet production to somehow stop the outflow of money from the French Treasury in Asia. On collecting Persian carpets were obsessed with the French King Louis XIV, and Polish – Sigismund. And at the end of the XIX century was the massive hype. For Persian carpets fitted out shopping expedition. The mere mention of Persian origin shall ensure that any carpet success in Europe. Carpets of Iran claimed to this day. Export of carpets – in second place after oil. Every fifth inhabitant of the country to make a living, producing or selling carpets. It is worth noting that the Persian carpets have never been simply a luxury home furnishings – a kind of representation of people of the bliss of the spirit, heaven, beauty, which contain all the creative wisdom East.

Capital Recovery

Tip number 1. Sometimes, a legacy of the garden with a history of us get it tracks. Dismantle the foundations of old buildings and remove concrete waste – a costly exercise. Easier on the foundation of an old house to organize the rocky slide. Its boundaries should extend beyond the concrete and have a smooth curved contours, conceal the ground. Stylize a hill under a rocky terrain with plenty of stones and undemanding plant, planted in the crevices – Bellflower, phlox subulate, Arabis, and Sedum.

From the bush of suitable plants with tenacious roots, for example – the mountain pine, creeping willows, Derain Canadian. Tip number 2. Old school – is a well-established ecosystem for decades. Rude and tactless interference can cause a violation of a fragile balance. Construction of new fence on the foundation can lead to waterlogging of the site. Device drainage will help change the habitual conditions of life plenty of trees. Not many plants will respond to it with gratitude.

Tip number 3. The old turf can try to turn the lawn without the tedious digging and capital recovery. Double treatment with herbicide selective action "Lontrel-300" will help get rid of broadleaf perennial weeds (dandelion, dock, plantain). Annuals (quinoa, chamomile) disappear, one has only to begin regularly mow the grass. For reseeding bald spots make good use of white clover and annual lawn grasses (ryegrass and annual bluegrass). If the grass sparse, it will not do without sowing of perennial grasses over the entire area at the rate of 1-2 kg of grass mixtures on weave. Make it better, two weeks after treatment with herbicide. In autumn it is desirable to aerate (piercing forks of land) throughout the area and the bank filling peat or sand. Layer 1-2 cm thick enough to noble lawn grasses feel comfortable.

Stretch Ceilings

Mytishschi is among the leaders in its development relative to other cities in the Moscow region. Over the past five years, was conducted in Mytischi active construction, beautiful and functional residential complexes were built more than 10 shtuk.Takoe rapid construction of residential houses, led to a large influx of new residents, who are now confused repairs purchased apartments. For high quality and fast execution of repairs need good building materials, which can be purchased at the mall, "Leroy Merlin" at the Yaroslavl construction market and various shops in the city. Read more from NY Museums to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But in these stores and shopping centers do not find quality ceilings Mytischi small town, and this product can be found on the Internet or on an ad in the newspaper advertising. For connoisseurs of the beautiful and expensive repairs, offer a suspended ceiling a starry sky or do photo printing on the suspended ceiling, and even Your sketch. Why ordering ceilings in Mytischi, must apply to the well-known companies? It's very simple, but beautiful and high quality product, they provide competent advice on choosing the color and type the ceiling for them it is important that every customer is satisfied. Unlike many small companies working in Mytischi and do not even have a showroom, they actually guarantee that the ceilings are ordered from serve more than 10 years. Gager can leave on the day of measurement of your appeal, and the installation is performed on the second day. In addition to the stretch ceilings can select fixtures for suspended ceilings or the new chandelier, directories on the light, always have gager and managers. If the repairs you live in another city, then order the ceilings, too, can appeal to the well-known company, the timing and quality of manufacture of stretch ceilings will be high.

Western Europe PVC

Which is especially important because of its quantity, characteristic for our urban environment. Such as having, for example, plastic windows lg. Currently in our market are windows with frames made of wood, aluminum and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Wood has good insulating properties and has a strength, but requires more specialized care than PVC, especially over time. Good wood windows are deep antiseptic infiltration (penetration of antiseptics and 50 mm deep into the wood). To make a wooden window has lived as long as possible, make an aluminum lining the outside of the box.

Are widely used in the main window profiles -U, uPVC, with high toughness, such as PVC salamander. High demand for PVC windows, due to reasons of both economic and technical nature. For example, in the German market in 1996, the proportion plastic windows was 49%, timber – by 28% to 30% aluminum and approximately 19-21%. In 1998, the proportion of plastic windows is 52%, wood – 26%, aluminum – 18% and 4% were combined window. Ie This proves the following: Western Europe’s greatest preference is given to plastic windows, which, in turn, denies any rumors about the fact that the plastic windows in Western Europe is no longer in demand. Today we are talking about that plastic window has a lifespan of about 50 years. Often, after such a declaration asking the question: how is it possible to prove it, because at present there is no PVC window that is already 50 years since themselves Plastic boxes are used only with the 60-ies.

It should be pointed out that when talking about the 50 year life of PVC windows, we’re talking about longevity profile. Sound-absorbing properties of the window are determined not so much material frame as the type of glazing and the performance of the construction. With noise-dampening window is particularly important density of all the connections and flows. Any looseness act as ‘noise-bridges’, as where air passes, there is the noise. Summarizing we can say that the profile is almost no effect on sound insulation.