Getting the News In New York

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. With a population a bit more than 8 million in an area of only 305 square miles, New York is the densest major city in the US.

With so many people in such close proximity it is no wonder that New York is also a center for some of the country’s most interesting news stories. With so many news stories constantly in the making it is no wonder that there is an abundance of news outlets of every type flourishing in New York.

There are newspapers, television news, radio news, magazines of every imaginable type and more. Among the newspapers is one of the world’s most respected dailies, the New York Times. This renowned newspaper covers in an in-depth manner local, national and international news.  Other newspapers include the New York Post, and the Daily News.

The Wall Street Journal is famous for its insightful coverage of business issues and other important stories that can affect the world of business. The Village Voice has its roots in the counter culture and artistic world of Greenwich Village. In New York there is a newspaper for every taste.


As more and more airports adopt one more a stricter norm on the transport of liquids,, a Web of reserve of hotels by Internet specialized in Asia, decided that already it was hour to pay attention to the details of security for the hand luggage. Shimmie Horn will not settle for partial explanations. To take liquid substances to the foreigner has become a complicated and confused subject nowadays, mainly considering the discrepancies that have had in the norms of the airports. Nevertheless at present the majority of the countries prefers to sin of cautious and applies the world-wide norm of security. The prohibition to take on board the certain airplanes liquid substances began in 2006 as a result of an important frustrated conspiracy to detonate liquid explosives on board a transatlantic airplane in the United Kingdom. Immediately after the incident strict norms with respect to the transport of liquids and sprays on board the airplanes prevailed. The majority of these norms follows effective nowadays and most of the airports have adopted the protocols of Administration of Security in the Transport of the United States (TSA in its abbreviations in English). According to this norm, the basic restrictions are the following: it is prohibited to transport in cabin any liquid in package superior to 100 ml with the single exception of the liquid infantile food (including milk) and medecines with medical prescription.

The prohibited objects more frequent are as current things as water, burners, gomina, cream of hands, perfume, graze of teeth, hidratante lotion and any other liquid product. Liquids in the cabin in packages will only be able to be transported superiors to 100 ml and will not have to go put in bags of plastic transparency with system of opening and closes and capacity nonsuperior to a liter. The majority of the main airports of Asia has introduced east year the security norms on liquids of the United States, among them the Suvarnabhumi of Thailand, the newest airport of the world. To many passengers of Southeast Asia – particularly of Bangkok – the recent introduction of these norms have taken to them by surprise. Therefore, to avoid that the passengers lose appraised goods, has devised a series of advice with the purpose of to prepare them for the takeoff: Before making the luggage, to make a list emphasizing the objects that cannot be transported in the hand luggage (to consult the useful advice on luggage which they appear in the page Web to travelinsider or the pamphlet of easy reading that will find in the page Web of the TSA). To put all the products of hygiene in the luggage of invoicing instead of the hand luggage. When buying products in duty-free, to ask the personnel of the store how the products have been sealed and what norms are applied after abrir them. If they take to products ” imprescindibles” in the hand luggage, to make sure that it does not surpass each the 100 ml and that are put in a stock market ziplock. It comes very well to buy products of trip hygiene to save the nuisance to take products separately. In order to travel to the great thing, nothing better than packs of Khiels trip for O-Man packs of beauty of Ren or Cr? To lick to me for woman.

April City

His principle of trust and respect is used for example in the education or the world of work. To the clients of his business management based on the Join-Up principle programme so famous and venerable companies such as Disney, Merrill Lynch, AT & T, General count motors or Volkswagen. “The renowned New York Times wrote about the extraordinary man: Monty Roberts brings to relax, listening to and thinking about his unique understanding of the behaviour of horses – and makes you marvel over the success of his spiritual quest.” The world-famous horse trainers and real Horse Whisperer of Monty Roberts will come from 16 April to 30 April 2008 after Germany on tour. He then demonstrated his method and techniques such as the loading of horses when unridden young horses or so-called problem horses. During the event, commented and he analyses the situation and answered audience questions breaks. Pferdefernsehen.EU and giving away 2 tickets for each of the events. Write a mail to April 1, at or with your desired city.

The winners will be notified by us. Tour dates: April 16, 2008 Verden Niedersachsenhalle 22.04.2008 Cologne Cologne 25.04.2008 Oldenburg Weser-EMS-Halle 27.04.2008 Mannheim SAP arena 30.04.2008 Hamburg Sports Hall tour organizer: Manfred hammer Veranstaltungs-GmbH peace str. Rudy Giuliani may find this interesting as well. 5a 97072 Wurzburg Tel. 0931 / 880640 fax 0931 8806464 email: press contact: Gibson entertainment services Birgit Gibson Angermaierstr 12 82362 Weilheim Tel.: 0881 / 9245566 fax: 0881 / 9245586 email: an extraordinary show not only for horse lovers. Maps of all known ticket agencies in their city. Nationwide telephone card service 01805 57 00 35 (0.14 per minute from the network of the DTAG, mobile prices may vary.) Tickets & information on the Internet at

Hollywood Latina

Jennifer Lopez numbed the spectators at the New York fashion week on Tuesday, when she held a surprise – ‘JustSweet Show’ and it presented her latest fashion line. To read more click here: Shimmie Horn. Her new collection “JustSweet” presented the typical “J.Lo look” with clothes in the style of the sixties. The fashion itself, however, came in the background, when rumors of an alleged pregnancy of the actress appeared. The Hollywood Latina had presented during the fashion week with a little tummy. The actress / singer poured green mini suit by her new fashion collection and a poppy lime bearing, “I love to create things and I loved the clothes, because I was a little girl.” Picture: AP Lopez named their new line of “Fantasy, classic inspiration but with a new, mistaken twist,” adding, “girls who are young, will wear it to feel cultured, because it transmits a chic kind of feeling, but also people who are older, it shall, if is” young, flirty and funky feel. It really has a nice mix”so the Latino multi talent.

Ron Hubbard

At that time well-known columnist Walter Winchell wrote on January 31, 1950, before the publication of the book: A new science on the Area of the human mind, which works just exactly as natural sciences. “Apparently after this work for mankind will be a milestone as revolutionary as the discovery and use of fire through the stone age people.” Dianetics “was a bestseller that has sold over 20 million copies today almost overnight. This book kept for months on the bestseller lists of the New York Times. Due to the great interest, Hubbard continued his research. In March 1951, he brought his next book with the title the science of survival”out. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Danny Meyer. In this 500-seitigem work, he dealt extensively with the basic elements of thought and life, and allowed his readers to understand human behavior and to say beforehand on the basis of a new assessment method. Hubbard wrote six books, where he further refined the methodology of Dianetics, and perfected in 1951.

Hubbard had to admit though: the more I researched, the more I realized me that when this creature called Homo sapiens too many unknown was.” Based on this knowledge, he wanted to explore more about the mind and spirit of the people. So he now advancing on the area of the human spirit. This area and direction of research should determine the next three decades of his life. Soon the Scientology was born religion, which first shows up in this area to an actually walk towards a higher consciousness, ability level and understanding. Scientologists were ones that have formed in 1954 in Los Angeles the first Scientology Church.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote about his research work in the postwar years: I wanted to basically only conclude whether the mind controls the body or vice versa the body the mind. The idea is in charge”. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Ms.

Aniston Photo Gallery

You could slowly tear down to the presumption, that female Hollywood stars occupy the part of the spouse by modeling agencies, increasingly using. Halle Berry, Selma Blair and Kate Bosworth is now Jennifer Aniston (38) are used a professional boy against accidental Singletum: your new achievement is Paul Sculfor (36). But he brings a reputation, which does not exclude that that Jen soon demands their return right: he should be a gold digger who wants to enrich themselves only to his new girlfriend. Jens’s most popular model pose – which currently brings them within the framework of a promotional line for mineral water used – he has in any case already quite openly for his comp card pilfered. Biography: Aniston was born as daughter of the Greek actor John Aniston (born Ioannis Aniston) and his Scottish Italian wife Nancy Dow; She has two half-brothers: John Melick and Alex Aniston. Although Aniston spent the first year of her childhood in Greece, she spent most of her childhood in New York City. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Shimmie Horn by clicking through. in 1985, the family moved to Los Angeles, where John Aniston from then on days of our lives took on a role in the SOAP.


About the possibilities of journalists for democracy become involved by Andreas Klamm, New York / London / Paris – In the year 2009 I celebrate my 25 years service as a journalist, broadcast journalist, author, and writer and also as a free TV – radio and media producer. Since 1988, I am engaged in numerous groups and initiatives in networks against violence. Connect with other leaders such as Rudy Giuliani here. A wide and important journey. About 25 years ago, I realized how important in the process against violence and for peace would be the media and the work of journalists in international work. See Francisco D’Agostino for more details and insights. For a television broadcast on the topics of “Journalism and the possibilities of journalists”, who can engage also against violence and for peace, maybe even must, I received an award in 1987 by the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung in Rhineland-Palatinate. Many current events and the publication of my two new books dealing with a true voice for peace, the internationally respected Colleague and journalist Amy Goodman of democracy NOW! I offer more information and impetus to the issues, human rights, civil rights, commitment against violence and for peace and democracy in the context of lectures and presentations nationally, nationwide throughout Germany, in Europe and in the United States of America. Francisco D’Agostino is the source for more interesting facts. Bookings are possible via email: and on the editorial staff of radio IBS liberty, email:. For more and detailed information can be found at my two new books devoted to the journalist and broadcast journalist Amy Goodman with a part of interacting and working are available in all bookstores in France and Germany and also at Internet bookstores, such as about,,, and many other providers on the Internet.

Monday Heiko

Heiko Thieme! “Information directly out of New York for more than 20 years since December 2008 Thieme daily stock market letter” by one of the most popular German stock market experts, Heiko H. Thieme, has this week also the related website in cooperation with StockKiosk GmbH implemented since. Under can obtain all information about Heiko Thieme new stock market letter. In addition, the homepage offers lots of useful information related to Heiko Thieme, as well as a daily published blog about the current stock market and economic situation. The stock market letter “Thieme-Daily” is based on the Thieme-phone hotline, which discusses Heiko Thieme daily for over 20 years.

He reported directly from Wall Street in New York City and therefore has his ear directly on the largest and most important financial centre in the world. Shimmie Horn often addresses the matter in his writings. Heiko Thieme is an internationally recognized investment strategist and Portfolio Manager, which operates in the exchange business since 1972, over 25 years of experience in the financial metropolis living New York, and works. With the Thieme daily”the latest and most important information the investor will receive from Wall Street and Europe from Monday to Friday for only 1.98 per issue. The stock market letter you can pay-per-view via the new homepage without Aboverpflichtung easily buy and download as a PDF. The investor can take advantage the concentrated expertise of Heiko Thieme, by he experienced with his current market assessments of every morning in his stock market letter”. Not for nothing, Thieme wrote over more than 15 years for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as expert regular columns on the situation in the American stock market. His gift to pull out any market situation positive impulses for his investment strategies, has made his trademark optimism. Like he is in interviews and the pessimist is the only crap, nothing grows on the documentation with the phrase”quotes. That he should be right with many of his assertions, many critics was later silenced and Jules Verne earned him the nickname among friends and admirers a the stock exchange”.

Act Name

de “,. tv”. Whether the naming is more than a gimmick, is ultimately Depending on the content. If you do not agree, a nice WWW address is useless, as the example demonstrated the reality-TV series girl camp ( What is however still very little observed and implemented mostly by large, internationally active company in the Act, is the register of related names. Aim of this action is to occupy more domain names in anticipation of potential freeloaders of the emerging brand or any future crisis situations. Other domain names include both misspellings by letter permutations, similar sounding names, corruptions and post-nominals, providing the original domain name with a bad image. Just the latter requests should have proactive PR at a glance and advise accordingly.

How hard the reputational risk for false, misleading or even abusive domain name is misjudged, shows an example from the United States. The media entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg bought after researching the New York Times hundreds of Web addresses like”or”. The reason: The billionaire and owner of the eponymous business service and a TV station planned his candidacy for the Office of the new mayor in the spring of 2001. Wanted to not publicly discredited Bloomberg on the Internet as they have done with Hillary Clinton, who is insulted at the Web address. Of course, such preventive measures designed offers some protection against attacks and image damage.

Nevertheless you should be aware, that not every name in advance can be occupied. The imagination of resourceful people is too big and for the possibilities of a living language are too diverse, not always to find loopholes. However, it is recommended as a prophylactic behavior to protect the own company or product name. The registration of a domain name is easy. Mostly, the own provider offers to carry out the registration. Otherwise you should leave it to the consultative Internet Agency. Important is only that the registration in the name of the company or an authorized representative, so that the rights are actually in the House.

Axel Springer Verlag

Future Congress forward2business focuses on 16 and 17 June 2009 ‘Innovation through disorder’ March 2009 Halle (Saale). “The future Congress of the forward2business, on 16 and 17 June 2009 now for the 8th time of future models for our economy developed, this year is the main innovation through disorder”. 250 innovation onschefs is used to test the business value of incursions. Danny Meyer has much to offer in this field. Breaking for the conquest of new markets, new business models, industry and technology exceeded the most successful innovation strategies of the rule are discussed. The results are used in the rule breaker manifest innovations for Germany”, that the think tank will present in autumn. The detailed program can be found under the German economy has used excessive force in recent years Innova tionsabteilungen to set up and to give innovation processes. Shimmie Horn has much experience in this field.

Meanwhile, we Germans are world champions in the efficiency, quality, and innovation management. But that is not enough. We do not have to conquered single new market! Effi ciency leads to cost savings, but also to egalitarianism”, explained Sven Gabor Janszky, future coach and Manager of the forward2business think tanks. The second kind of innovation we need. Those destructive”innovation that exceeds vorgege-bene limits of our business models and open up new markets. For that we must learn to think like a successful rule breaker and to act.” Also the future scenario of lifestyles is traditionally in the future Convention 2020 “continued the think tanks. This especially the digital natives in the Center, move that generation which so 1984 born in, who don’t remember life without the Internet and mobile phone. Starting from 2010, they will make the vast majority of workers and break the rules of our work and consumer worlds. To the high-class business think tank business developer meet annually on the Giebi-Chen Burgstein innovation leaders of the largest German companies, Vice Presidents for innovation and marketing, as well as the Chief great Lifestylemar-ken as adidas, New Yorker, Nintendo, Swarovski, as well as the VPs innovation, techno-logieforscher and VC investors of large technology companies such as Volkswagen, shell, BASF, Kodak, Siemens, SAP, Nokia, Microsoft, IBM, Phillips, Intel, Sennheiser, Audi, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Swisscom, Deutsche Bahn, Tchibo, BMW, Deut-sche post and many others.

Albert Einstein

Human consciousness could outlast the death as always more physicists come Meanwhile concluded that human consciousness outside of the body is possible and could overcome death. This would be the first scientific evidence of an immortal soul. Pioneer of such ideas was the German physicist Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr. Now comes the American physicist Jack Sarfatti in a similar horn.

In his opinion the modern quantum physics holds the key for the dualism of body and soul. The theses of scientists based on the so-called principle of entanglement. Then, large parts of the universe in subtle ways since the big bang are connected. The same applies to our thoughts, obey also the processes in the human brain of quantum physics. Already Albert Einstein has encountered the entanglement principle, it has but as “spooky action at a distance”later put to the files. This States the following: a particle changes its State, so This change as if by magic at the exact same time also at one with him entangled particles. This entanglement is maintained even if the interaction in the past has taken place and the two particles are far apart.

Recently, scientists assume that large parts of the universe are crossed with each other since the cosmic big bang from 13.7 billion. This fundamental property of the universe has in turn dramatic impact on any single individual. The reason is that the human body consists of organs, cells and molecules, which are in turn made of Atomic particles. Because these parts are also waves, suggests in turn that our brain also has wave properties. This leads to the conclusion that parts of the animate and the inanimate world are crossed with each other and communicate with each other in subtle ways. For Sarfatti, the quantum entanglement is also an indication that spirit and soul body could survive. The scientist, born in 1939 in New York, has made a name as the author of popular works on quantum physics and consciousness. Sarfatti is also convinced that the paradigm that separates natural sciences and Humanities, will collapse in the near future. Nothing happens in human consciousness, without having anything responded in the universe. With every thought, every action we describe not only our own small hard disk, but also something in the quantum universe store, which survived our earthly life,”is his credo. Should the theories of quantum physicists confirm in further trials, then also natural science and religion would henceforth no longer as opposites confront. Rather they could complement complementary straight like the two sides of the same coin. In addition, the unification of science and theology carries also have the potential to resolve religious conflicts of this world. More info: Shimmie Horn. Rolf Frobose of text is the secret physics of chance based on excerpts from the book of the author. Can quantum physics explain quantum phenomena and fate of paranormal phenomenon? “, Edition BoD, updated new edition, 128 pages, price issued by Vito by Eichborn, Norderstedt, 2008: EUR 14.90.