Central Terminal

The media services provided with linked to the lighting and other systems. So it is possible, for example, to retrieve the favorite CD with just a push of a button or by timer in the swimming pool, to regulate the lighting on a preset brightness and to retract the cover of the basin at the same time. As a central control platform, a KNX/EIB system Gira is used in the House of the family Wurster. This is an intelligent system of the electrical installation, which makes the living and working more comfortable, safer and more cost-effective through automation and remote control. Since the family Wurster make sure want that energy produced by the solar system and the power from the public network are used efficiently, the Hummel House installed a smart electricity meter, known as smart meters, through which the individual devices in the household consumption is monitored and controlled. As more energy measure the blinds be controlled depending on time of day as well as the indoor and outdoor temperature.

Thus the generous rooms of the House also coming into its own in the evening and a pleasant ambiance is created, install the team to Frank Hummel, numerous lamps and luminaires, which are in turn connected to the central control platform. So, it is possible to program different scenarios. “” In the mode dinner “over the large dining table in the mode lights cinema” the living room is almost completely darkened. After a year and about 2,000 hours of work time is managed: the family Wurster refers to its 5-star hotel and is perfectly happy from day 1. The 65-square-foot photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Hummel House, provides much more energy than expected after a short time, and the 280 lamps and fixtures create an individual atmosphere in every room. We could not imagine really more comfortable and still trickreichere features.

Thomas Wurster is pleased while everything is still so easy to use, it’s just fun to take advantage of the technology and the nearly unlimited possibilities”. It was definitely the right thing Decision, that we have chosen for the company of Hummel, and that we have left many spaces Frank Hummel and his team. At the moment I can not imagine what features might whet the comfort in our House. “And if it’s an idea me, then I’m sure that your system meets our needs with a push of a button.” Because each switch in the House thanks to the BUS system is freely configurable, new applications or even light scenarios can be programmed within a few seconds. The mobile PC in the living room serves as the Central Terminal, which can be used to surf the Internet or create documents but also normal. The HUMMEL House is in the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen and Nurtingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. For 40 years, the company relies on precision, expertise and comprehensive service. in 1993, Frank Hummel took over the family business. Since then, the company has its constantly expanded and opened up new markets.

25 + 26 June, starting at 11: 00: visit to the day of architecture and civil engineering art 2011 Brande hornerkirchen, June 20, 2011 innovative technology supports learning and protects the environment: this combination offers the new elementary school in Horst now its good 220 children. Permanent ventilation creates ideal conditions in ten classrooms and two specialized rooms, because fresh air is supplied. This avoids the rise of dangerous CO2 gas, which can occur even when the shock airing. The recently completed passive house construction promises minimal heating costs thanks to optimally insulated walls and Windows, the compact design and the heat recovery ventilation. This relieves the purse strings of the Association of municipalities of Horst, Peewit series, Hohenfelde, Summerland, old Moor. For us it was important to build economically and at the same time energetically sustainable”, explained Marion Gaudlitz, Chairman of the Association and Mayor of Hohenfelde.

Good value for money as the construction costs with 1,400 Euro gross per m2 usable area relatively low out. Other new municipal buildings achieve that, without however providing the sustainable passive house standard. Moreover, the real construction costs EUR 3.25 million gross remains below the original cost estimate. The architecture and engineering firm of Butzlaff Tewes has developed a two-story, L shaped building with large window surfaces and optimal shading and acoustics. Clean lines and striking colours create a creative and friendly environment. Larger classrooms with room dividers for the two areas of the Group and almost support op de host”the modern teaching concept of the elementary school. There, individual learning is offered since 2006, with which children learn at their own pace. Since summer 2009, one practised vintage cross-learning. While other schools in the rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein with declining student logins have to work, we have remain constant numbers”, Marion Gaudlitz founded the new building. The operation of the school as the building on an open space next to the gym was to disturb little as possible.