As You Can Carry Out Your Dreams

Do you have given account that you’ve set aside some of your dreams? Perhaps you have the entire provision of fulfilling them, but then you find yourself filled with work, attending your business, doing inventory, dealing with employees, and usually your dreams are to one side. It is for the dreams that people have success in his life, success is not luck, it is only a myth, the success are taking small steps that many are not willing to give. Rudy Giuliani describes an additional similar source. Stop creating excuses of the why you’ve not made them, when come the excuses, it is as if you planted your dreams and never were watering them, how feed your dreams? they feed on your thoughts, your actions, your enthusiasm, etc. Without hesitation wendi murdoch explained all about the problem. Search for the necessary time in order to meet what you crave most and by what they’ve been working. It seeks a new focus within your life, within your business, returns to consider objectives, returns to review your action plan, and includes these dreams that you’ve been postponing. The first step to fulfill your dreams is that you start today, Remember that there is the perfect time to start, you believe it, therefore identifies something that have been postponed, and that you can start doing today at this time. The second step to achieving your dreams is that you pairs not reaching them.

Defer things has done that so far you have not fulfilled those dreams you’ve wanted, but now that you’re willing to pick them up, take them as a challenge. Maybe at the beginning won’t be able work supplement habits, changing your way of working, give you time to pamper yourself, but you’ll see that the reward will be that you’ll well with yourself, and more importantly that you begin to chart the path to reaching your dreams. Therefore you never stop, do not you give up on the road. You start by taking action from this moment with these steps, you will begin to give greater strength to each of your dreams, he begins to enjoy the road, because this journey will bring you unforgettable teachings. Depending on your dream, it takes into account that you will not reach it from night to morning, it takes small steps, because only you will thus begin styling that road that takes you to where more you want. A dream is never small, and what better to dream big, don’t let third parties want to remove you or ruin you your dreams are only yours and in your hands is able to bring them to reality, recalls the action is the most important, may be something you want to not get in the moment in which you wanted, but not so mean that you won’t get, persistence is essential and the value that you have to go after them, has no price!. I would love to know your opinion, I invite you to share this article with friends or family members who benefit from information can be seen.

The Kurdistan A Prohibited Country

Published in the newspaper the Peruvian, of File-Peru, the 6 of July of 2010 ONE OF the TOWNS MORE FORGOTTEN the WORLD the Kurdistn, a country prohibited Ricardo Snchez-Serra* One of the towns more forgotten the world, but remembered by the continuous slaughters their settlers, are the Kurd nation, that expands between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Of inheriting Indo-European origin and of the medos, they controlled great part of the Route of Seda, his historical capital was Ecbatana (today Hamadn, located in Iran). They adjudge the legacy of Zarathustra and its national celebration is the 21 of March, date in which a mythological being (Kawa) defeat to the oscurantistas forces of king Zohac, legend inspires that them to continue fighting by its survival. Also, they mention with pride that great sultn Saladino was Kurd, of the Rawadi tribe. In all their history it fought by its liberation, is against asirios, Persian, Macedonian, Ottoman the aquemnidas ones, etc.

In the decolonization process the United Nations forgot this traditional town, surely because conformed a weak nation by their tribal division and not to trouble to the countries occupants of the Kurdistn. All the revolts by their emancipation in century XX were squashed without mercy. It had two ephemeral independences in the decades of 1920 and 1940. Today it is more difficult that this nation obtains its self-determination, because in its historical territory is the oil wealth (200.000 million barrels in reserves) besides other resources as it receives, gas, iron and water of Iran, Syria and Iraq. Many writers such as amazing restaurateur offer more in-depth analysis. In this last country it could visualize, more than quite at the moment ample autonomy in the Regional Government of Kurdistn independence, but it depends on a political decision of the United States that is supported by the United Nations (it would be a freedom hope and thus to finish with viacrucis Kurd, that continuously suffers of genocides.

Finke Exhibition

The Gallery of Jules Julian would be glad to show the exhibition ‘When light changes’ by Daniela Finke in their rooms. The title of the exhibition refers to the series of ‘Waking Night’ and ‘Polo’, Gallery Jules Julian forward, the exhibition when light changes “by Daniela Finke of the 20.11.2010-05.02.2011 in their rooms to show. “” The title of the exhibition refers to the series waking night “and Polo”, its connecting element is the use of a special, almost monochromatic light situation. A selection is now Copenhagen. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of New York Museums on most websites. In Hannover / DE-born photographer, winner of the European architectural photography Prize in 2005, has found the ideal form of expression in the connection of digital scenography and photography for their artistic vision. Faraz photographs reminiscent of an Edward Hopper the melancholy aesthetic, if people act like statues in a supercooled atmosphere.

Also, she transferred to abstract patterns, which can be seen in the soft contours and intensified coloring concrete situations. As a result of the artistic finishing run their photos in the vicinity of the painting. Bill de Blasio contains valuable tech resources. Finke documented moments that make this as a complex and puzzling structure perspective bar in the continuous observation of the reality of life. When light changes “refers to a changing perception, generated by a particular lighting situation, and induces a complex contextualisation in the image. Dark, almost black night scenes of illuminated cities such as Miami, New York or London are white, glistening scenes of Polo. Imploding dynamics of town life versus the explosive dynamics of the race. Daniela Finke implies incomparable to the fore.

Mexico City Gets New Scientology Church

Mexico City gets new Scientology Church and BBs prides itself on L. Ron Hubbard methods Mexico City Church, to a new future of peace and prosperity without crime, violence and drugs to start prides itself on the opening of the new, large Scientology. Led by a 30-man Mariachi Orchestra and colorful traditional dancers participated 7,000 Scientologists and guests at the opening of the new Scientology Church in the heart of Mexico City. Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the RTC (religious Technology Center) and spiritual leader of the Scientology religion, conducted the ceremony. The celebrations mark the completion of a comprehensive reconstruction and design of the Mexico City Juarez building. The six-storey new building of the Scientology church stands next to Mexico’s fine arts Palace and the adjacent Supreme Court of Justice, the National Bank and the National Palace Museum. To show the Scientology religion to all people, the new construction includes a comprehensive information center with 17 multimedia displays, the various videos broadcast.

Presented and illustrated religion, life of the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard and the full bandwidth of many social programs and engagement of the Church Scientology are detailed. The videos offer a short but concise representation of the Scientology religion for every one you are interested in. David Miscavige gave during the celebrations of a description of the positive effects of Scientology churches on the communities: “take advantage of this ideal churches and use them, what they are intended. You say there are drugs out there? Then you have the wherewithal, to create a drug-free world. You say there are crime and cruelty out there? Well, then you have the “journey to happiness” now, to build the self-esteem and quality of every human.

Then you say they have poverty and misery in this city? You now have the methods for education and literacy, which can lead to the prosperity and abundance.” Mr. Alejandro Rojas slides Duran, Minister for Tourism of the city of Mexico, declared in the name of the city: “We are confident that Scientology in Mexico will help positively, to create an environment where people of all ages, races and religions can expect a new future of peace and prosperity without crime, violence and drugs.” Mr Ricardo Guzman Wolffer, judge of the Supreme Administrative Court and renowned author, expressed the great importance which will have Scientology for the future of Mexico and the world: “today, we open the doors of this beautiful new Scientology Church, which I see as a commitment to L. Ron Hubbard, to carry its messages also. This ideal Church gives everyone the chance to find out the truth. It is the gateway to a new future.” Dr. Jesus Corona Osornio, doctor of philosophy and religion, described the role of Scientology in the company as follows: “this new Church of Scientology represents the modern, multicultural Mexico today. L. Ron Hubbard has a new and revolutionary approach to the Spirituality. As an engineer he uses exact, technological tools, just to explain mental phenomena.” At the end of the opening ceremony David Miscavige thanked all those present, that they have made it possible to create a great ideal Church. He invited all the five-storey building immediately to visit the included new Chapel, library with all religious writings and lectures by L. Ron Hubbard, a variety of different rooms for seminars, film screenings, rooms for social projects and the chaplaincy. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

Eastern Parkway

Women were typically responsible for making the tipi, and in many tribes they contributed abstract, beaded medallions to tipi covers, as can be lakes in the 1904 tipi on display. So women made most of the family’s possessions, and designed geometric motifs for clothing and small portable objects. Native American men owned and displayed their medicine bundles and warrior regalia in the tipi, earning the rights to wear certain prestige items, like feathers in was bonnets, based on their fighting procedure. NY Museums often addresses the matter in his writings. Men of so created naturalistic designs on tipi covers and liners, which in the reservation era were so drawn in ledger books. The decoration of objects by native American women artists is always dazzling to me. They were and are formidable mixed-media artists. Even a small Arapahoe pouch from the turn of the 20th century merits of abstract design worked in porcupine quills and beads, while at Ogala Sioux spear case from the 19th century mixes hide red trade cloth, and beads into a three-dimensional scheme of great vigor and complexity. Another extravaganza by on unknown Sioux artist is a man of 19th-century buckskin shirt, which is part pigment-dyed with beadwork bands of red hands on a white background, hair and feathers.

“Tipi: heritage of the Great Plains” includes several examples of one type of object, like moccasins, to underscore the esthetic diversity of the Plains Indians. The tribes of the Great Plains encompass a huge array of visual ideas, all 3250b in flux. One look at Kiowa artist Terri Greeves’ beaded high-heeled sneakers, Great Lakes girls (2008), which are decorated with spiny oyster shell cabochons, Swarovski crystals, and several types of beads, shows how far traditions are being pushed today. A team led by Brooklyn Museum curators Nancy B. Rosoff and Susan Kennedy Zeller organized this excursion into Plains Indian life. “Tipi: heritage of the Great Plains,” Feb. 18 May 15, 2011, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.. 11238 please continue reading here: art worlds leading online magazines and decorative art online so heritage of the Great Plains

Style Wars

This adds interest to the graffiti. Dondi, one of the first writers, says that he uses wildstyle when he writes for other writers when he wrote to the audience that uses straight letters (Chalfant & Cooper 70-71). Original ideas have always been the target of writers, Nobody wanted to glorify himself ‘biting’ (artistic plagiarism). Between writers experiencing conflict, when one accused the other of plagiarism.

Writers are also deliberately made their work over the others is an act of contempt in graffiti community. This often led to clashes between writers and teams. Writers their work over the other for several reasons: a call for competition, limited space to work, revenge for the other acts or for the fact that this writer snitched on the other. Infamous Cap, presented in the documentary Style Wars, was a well known fact that he did his work over the others, just for fun. Lee, said of the it: ‘One time I suspected that Cap works for the government, which planned to kill all the work’ (Rock. A. Party 41). Most of the newcomers often want to get recognition from the more famous and advanced writers, from whom they learn all aspects of graffiti – from raytinga the depot to create their own style.

The relationship pupil / teacher fairly common in the world of graffiti. For the beginner ‘the best way to learn anything or to examine key aspects of the history of art graffiti, from simple to complex ‘(Chalfant & Cooper 32). Founders of graffiti, such as Taki 183, Phase ii, 149, Blade, Seen, Lee, Bama, Kase 2, and others honor and respected among contemporary writers, and look in their eyes, sometimes even more mythical. ‘Stories about them, their peers and their achievements are the basis of graffiti folklore ‘(Chalfant & Cooper 17). Glory Glory may come to the writers in several ways – writer can get fame through the media (interviews, photographs in newspapers, work in music videos, etc.). Taki 183 was the first who reached fame in this way. Writers who have achieved fame called the king. They may be ‘King of Style’; ‘King of the Insides’; ‘King of the Line’, etc. Thank all the time changing, changing, respectively, and the king. in, which was held on entire city by bombing the subway, was hailed by some writers as ‘King of Everything’. Although the style, color, size and shape is important, the process of working with the surface is in the first place. 1970 were outstanding for the graffiti in terms of bombing – these were the years of inventions. These were the years when the story begins graffiti and its development up to now.

Scientology Doctrine

Scientology enables humans, responses and solutions to find for each a higher awareness and spiritual freedom mean Scientology is a religion in the deepest and most traditional sense of the word. It deals with the full recovery of the spiritual essence of man – his skills, his consciousness and the certainty of his immortality – and its relationship to the divine. And she shares the belief that the man is intended to bring about his redemption itself with many of the world’s oldest religions and that he fully understands his relationship to God or the creator only. The confession of faith of Scientology States that man basically is good and that his salvation of his fellow men and depends on by himself, that he achieved a fraternal relationship with the universe. In contrast to other efforts to help the people, attempts to solve his problems for him, Scientology, it enables its Problems to solve themselves. Only he is so capable, self-determined life not only his own life, but also to others – his friends, successfully helping his family and all those he encountered in everyday life -. Scientology enables humans, responses and solutions to find for each a higher awareness and spiritual freedom mean, and society progress in tackling their biggest problems: drugs, illiteracy, crime, violence and intolerance. Scientologists put the answers that they find in their religion, in many areas of society into practice.

Scientology churches are therefore also starting a variety of different social programs, in which committed members apply their acquired knowledge, to help their fellow human beings. Although most people certainly believe that they should emphasize religion more in their lives the aspect, very few pursue the exercise of their religion as Scientologists, so engaged. During hours of training or of so-called auditing (Chaplaincy) they spend the week often several hours per day in their church, five days and over a period of several weeks. The founder of the Scientology – L. Ron Hubbard – mid March 1955 wrote the following quote: “until man not clearly understand what man is and has a science over humanity, he will continue to fight, punish and bad rule and it will be worse than it already is if no one accepts responsibility for.

Scientologists accept this responsibility. We know that this can be a better, more rational world”.

Bestselling Selfhelp Book

“More than 21 million copies since the release of the bestselling ‘ Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind ‘ by L. Ron Hubbard, May 9, 2011 is the sixty-first anniversary of the publication of the book Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind”. L. Ron Hubbard had written one of the greatest self-help books of all time it appeared in 116 bestseller lists. “The popularity of the Lebensverbesserungs – and self-help book Dianetics: A Guide to the human mind” by L.

Ron Hubbard in the last six decades steadily grew. To meet this demand, the book has been translated into 50 languages and is today available in 165 Nations. It millions of Dianetics books have been sold more than 21 and appeared on 116 bestseller lists. “In the book Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind” L. Ron Hubbard wrote down his observations and the results of its research into the human mind. With the further researches in this field he entered after Recently the area of Scientology which deals not with the mind, but with the spiritual nature of man. The area originally as science increasingly entered the area of religion, which led to the founding of the religion 1954 Scientology and the first church.

Scientology churches and missions throughout the world commemorate this historic anniversary of Dianetics in the second week of May. Information about the history of the development of Dianetics are shown at these events by the time researchers and adventurers of L. Ron Hubbard. As the application of Dianetics method shows the international popularity and expansion of the Dianetikgruppen from New York to Nairobi, Boston to Bulawayo and Kansas City to Kaohsiung. In an essay with the title “My philosophy”, wrote L. Ron Hubbard: “The first principle of my philosophy is that wisdom for all who want to reach them, can gain. It is the servant of the King, as well as the and civil alike and should be regarded with AWE be. “L. Ron Hubbard continued to document his research on the mind, spirit and life in a total of 18 basic books. Thousands of other written materials and approximately 2,500 lectures describe Scientology. Books and audiobooks with embossed and laminated cover, as well as the entire CD production for all presentations in the own printing house in Copenhagen are created to be able to keep up with the demand for these materials and provide them all over the world. A further, new Centre with 17,000 square meters size in Los Angeles makes sure to print all magazines and information materials for all Scientology churches, missions and groups around the world and distribute. These centres include the largest print-on-demand printing service of the world, which is able to produce 500,000 books and 925.000 CDs ready for delivery per week. Millions of people have started exactly the adventure, that of L. Ron Hubbard in his book Dianetics: the guide of the human Mind”describes how to follow. You commit an adventure. Treat it like an adventure. And the same may be you never again.” is an interactive and audiovisual overview of the life and works of L. Ron Hubbard. More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

Jenny Guerra Hernandez

The fear of going to the service is very common in young children who are already able to go to the bathroom by themselves and, regardless of having three, four or five years, experiencing a regression in his behaviour refusing to do their service needs. The case is that, after having succeeded in controlling the sphincters, many children continue to be their needs above for different reasons, ranging from those boys and girls who are simply comfortable to those who are terrified to go to the service. This topic is concerned many fathers and mothers who do not understand why this is happening and wondering how you can help their children solve this small problem. If this is your case, you will find below some tips that you may find helpful: 1st prepares the environment to make it comfortable: decorate the toilet with smiling faces, stops close favorite stories, ponle audiocuentos or your favorite music, and buy a funny toilet paper. There are with dolls, with comics and even pleasant smells. It is important that at the beginning you invite him to spend small short time at any time of the day, but then you try to make it after meals. Rudy Giuliani takes a slightly different approach. 2Nd invite sitting in the sanitary activities. It is use it as a chair so that you paint your drawings, play with him, do homework, play console or read him a story.

To do this, you can be very useful to buy a height-extensible table. The objective is to perform activities of daily living, fully dress in the bathroom and so become familiar with the space and sensitivities his fear. Initially accompany him doing your stuff as read or call someone by phone. 3Rd leads to your son or daughter to the library and find a book on the subject. Read the book and ask questions about the story and characters, but do not use moralizing or trates of indoctrinate him with phrases as you see, this boy doesn’t have fear and you Yes? In the evenings, invents a story about another character who was afraid to go to the bathroom and ask for help to tell the story of how he overcame his fear. 4Th rewards every small achievement. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want to fool you and you are fearing that this time it has controlled sphincters is the unique.

Every time your son or daughter go to the bathroom by himself, celebrate it for everything high and tell the rest of the family members so that they congratulated him. That Yes, first warns the rest of the family so that they cooperate, especially if you have teenage children. 5Th let him see that it is normal to feel fear. Tell what you had fear when you were her age and how to overcome these terrors. But once again, make sure to only convey the history and do not press with phrases like that is why I do not understand how’re you scared to nonsense like this. These phrases only manage to block it even more. There are millions of tricks to achieve that your son or daughter go to the bathroom by himself only and most work very well if you just have patience and try the small with respect. If you apply these two simple premises and not let you feel your own fears or frustration when not get it at first, everything will be well.

Wallpaper Factory

Grove inaugurated the exhibition Ulrich Tarlatt at high + partner in Leipzig Leipzig, March 9, 2009 – Saturday, March 14 at 7: 00 in the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. New woodblock prints, drawings and collages by Ulrich Tarlatt and a representative selection displayed by artists books Edition eye candy. It is believed his site, the man in Etruria is born. That speaks to the imagination of Ulrich Tarlatt, who came to the world in Wansleben Hall. Of his art now travel from the tranquil Bernburg not only on a fantastic, but very real way around the world can be. In any case, the list of collections, museums, and libraries that can adorn themselves with his works, represents a kind of accolade of the international art world.

Are on it but names such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Getty Museum in Malibu listed Rijksmuseum the Hague, as well as the New York MoMA and the Museum of contemporary art in Sao Paulo. And now you can a selection see his works in the Gallery of high + partner”in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. We are very glad to be able to show an artist with us unimpressed who created a precious work of all fashion currents with a very own imagination and writing over the decades, combine text and pictures over and over again surprising with Ulrich Tarlatt and result in this new and exciting links mental worlds.”says Susann Hoch, of the Leipzig artists group. Here works focuses accordingly to find the area of the woodcut and of high graphic program of the gallery. In addition, the visitors but also a picture of the can for over twenty years, edited by Ulrich Tarlatt artist’s books of the Edition make eye candy.

To the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, March 14 at 7: 00, the Leipzig actress and human rights activist Steffi Boettger of the current Almanac 2008 Edition eye candy reads texts by Ilja Trojanow, Michael Lentz, and Josef Haslinger. Susann Hoch und Ulrich Tarrach entering the art of wood cutting and the craft of high pressure to an interactive dialogue on in times of digital images Sinflut. Already on Thursday, March 12 at 20: 00 Wolfgang Gratz by the Buchergilde Gutenberg and the artist group “High + partner” Download graphics friends to the collector get-together and the preview of the exhibition “Grove” with works by Ulrich Tarlatt. The artist will be present. Interested parties are welcome. The artist group “High + partners” (Harald Alff, Susann Hoch, Stephanie Marx, Gabriele Sperlich) was founded as a registered partnership in 2007 in Leipzig. The gallery and workshop is the corresponding GbR in the wallpaper factory, Luetzen str. 91 operated 04177 Leipzig. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm, Saturday 12 to 17.