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Could not take the eye, but suddenly felt the pressure of a hand on her shoulder she turned and there was Mauro, so handsome and dashing as ever, Candela rose from his chair and embraced nostalgia, eyes closed, squeezing his cheeks with hard, sighed loudly, knew long ago that they were not so close and were enjoying the warmth of that contact. Candela’s eyes peered Mauro over the shoulder of the pass was opened and the waiter in front of their noses, stretched his neck and at one point was able to pronounce the words for several minutes will not be put off – Please double beer …. Mauro, what do you want to drink? … Serio, looked at the waiter and said, a tonic. A silence invaded their habitats, the situation became suddenly uncomfortable, awkward split and each one sat in a chair. – Are you okay? Mauro asked. A Candela had no time to answer, the waiter quickly arrived with drinks and interrupted the possible answer.

He took the giant glass and moved quickly to his lips, sipped and ingested almost half of the content. Mauro asked a couple of hamburgers, Candela said he was not hungry I did not want dinner, but he insisted. She prayed that the waiter had forgotten him and did not bring anything to eat, but it was not. I wanted to ease his mind with that rich beer, ordered another and then another and then another … thought that if he only drank beer does not get drunk and could not miss a moment of that evening.

Snuba In The

Snuba in the Mexican Caribbean eco-archaeological park of Xcaret, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, is the biggest snuba in the world and is a good place to enjoy snuba, as it is situated on the Caribbean coast of Mexico , where is the second largest reef in the world, so it offers visitors the chance to meet a variety of marine species in an environment of great beauty and color. Xcaret has two Snuba tours in the Mexican Caribbean: The snuba Bay, that part of the beach at Xcaret and is performed at Dominica a depth of about seven meters. The Reef Snuba is performed on ‘Barracuda’, one of the reefs close to Xcaret, which has a large variety of tropical fish and turtles. Snuba is also popular because it requires previous experience of diving, you only need to be more than eight years and have some knowledge of swimming. This is perhaps one of the factors of its popularity as a ‘first experience’ under water.


Economic Department

But also with satisfaction, we can determine that these measures have become the exception. No one must be left alone in the country in his emergency. There is a minimum income which permits a life of dignity and to which every citizen is entitled. This claim, however, is the Willingness to work bound. Fortunately we have a supportive economic environment and suitable jobs for all people with their individual talents, abilities and needs.” Economy only the water supply, and the banks are under government influence, all other sectors of the economy have private owners – in less cases with a minority stake of the State. Our prosperity is based on the ethics, morality and quality in our economy. And this is not lip-service, but verifiable daily realities.

All companies live quality system. Companies without quality would have no chance to survive. Only the elders can still remember times, where quality was only on paper and faselten Manager and politician in rhetoric about quality. In mind at these times, there are just more head-shaking among the old. Even if the wage justice, new rules have introduced some years ago. For example, can Manager salaries only until to the Siebenfachen of the lowest salary in the enterprise are deductible.” It was the head of the Economic Department, which pointed out his thoughts on this complex subject and thus ushered in the end of our exchange of information. Yes, there was an exchange of information during their speeches our host asked us again and again how we solve all these tasks? Their curiosity was endless. At any time while there was astonishment or a negative word was heard.

Hasty reactions are bad counselors, she said. However, some of us had a strange feeling in our reports. Also I had caught me in the embarrassed foraging scribbling on my Notepad. On the journey home, there was the occasional heated debate. But somehow we had the feeling, there was yet more what has invited us to think. One has even ventured out and meant, because we could talk about but once. We have made us then. Source: Book “How much craziness going yet?” Quality, ethics and morality in the economy, politics and society

Internet & Multimedia

BarCamp 2 in Munich at the Sun Microsystems GmbH Munich, September 17, 2008 – at the weekend, 11 and 12 October meet in Munich Internet experts, bloggers, software developers, StartUp founders, entrepreneurs and interested to the second BarCamp, for two days to topics around to replace the Web 2.0. In addition to technical issues, it’s among others also includes data protection, political and social developments, communities, marketing on the Web and self management. The global BarCamp movement following the BarCamp Munich is unconference\”and organized as an alternative to commercial conferences. The first event of this kind was held in 2005 in Palo Alto, California. Since then, BarCamps implemented worldwide over 250 times in cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Shanghai. BarCamps are organized by enthusiasts for enthusiasts who want to learn and share knowledge in an open environment. Active participation in the event is expected by all participants. Typical for a BarCamp is the absence of a planned lecture program.

Instead, proposals for sessions (short presentations) be submitted by the participants, the final program then sets together at the beginning of the first day of the event. Participants, who themselves hold no session, participate actively in the discussions and document the event as live with videos, pictures and reports on the Internet, to interested parties, which can not be on-site to provide access to as much information. The BarCamp Munich is a symposium with lectures, presentations and discussions, but also a social event, which allows the participants in an open and relaxed atmosphere, to establish contacts and maintain networking. All important information can be before, during and after the BarCamp on found. This collaborative platform offers also the possibility to submit topic proposals in advance and disseminate ideas for your own presentations in addition to a discussion forum and the registration. Are welcome all interested parties who want to contribute to the success of BarCamps.

The InfiniBand

QLogic NETtrack Alliance program provides interoperability ensure numerous manufacturers of HPC solutions want to ensure that their solutions are interoperable for the QLogic 12000er-switches and tuned for the common use. Following manufacturer said up to date, that they will demonstrate the compatibility of its HPC products by certification: AMD, ANSYS, CD-adapco, Clustercorp, Corning cabling systems, LSI Corporation, DatDirect networks, network equipment technologies, Obsidian Strategics, Panasas, PANDUIT, Platform Computing, RAID incorporated, RNA networks, SIMULIA, symmetric Computing, Terascala, Texas memory systems, and Zarlink Semiconductor. NETtrack partners can test their applications in the NETtrack Development Center with the switches of the QLogic 12000er family and certify. For this purpose available 32-node/256 core cluster available, arising either from Intel SR1560SF or AMD Colfax CX1266-N2 servers put together. A comprehensive range of InfiniBand network solutions for HPC environments offers high-performance-computing solutions by QLogic-QLogic. This ranges from QDR host channel adapters (HCAs) QDR multi-protocol Director switches and edge switches to a complete software package, all containing applications required for the installation, the operation and the maintenance of high-performance fabrics. The InfiniBand HCAs by QLogic are characterized by the highest message rate and effective bandwidth at simultaneously lowest MPI latency. Their use allows MPI and TCP applications to an unprecedented value for money across thousands of nodes to scale. The QLogic InfiniBand switches include the currently the most comprehensive and flexible einsetzbarsten available on the market interconnect fabric solutions for the HPC cluster. The products come with management tools for delivery, providing a minute-quick installation and commissioning of InfiniBand fabrics as single applications. This makes it easier to deal with administrators of the rising demand for powerful Rechnerclustern and grids efficiently.