Playing SAP Understand

SAP learning game for training, continuing education and training Dresden, July 7, 2008 SAP know-how can obtain more recently based on a board game. The new learning!Game!SAP by Poolix playful gives the business processes supported by SAP solutions. Both beginners and experienced SAP users can develop a deeper understanding of the process. The game is suitable for training, continuing education and training. The complexity of SAP solutions provides new users again face major challenges. Company-wide linked business processes require process expertise, which goes beyond the own desk or the Department. Learning this!Game!SAP”on the one hand General issues to the development of SAP solutions.

On the other hand there are the modules production, sales and distribution (SD), materials management (MM) an overview (PP), and finance (FI) and controlling (CO). It addressed the basic functions and master data in the individual modules. One to three players or team play here a concrete scenario after: the mini truck GmbH produces small trucks. The latest model is called Aquamax”and is already successfully launched: there are 10 orders. The nursery of judge is interested in the small truck. Dayton brings even more insight to the discussion. At the learning!Game!Players from the order of purchasing and production have to undergo to delivery including the procedures in accounting and controlling all processes SAP”.

Learned is first and foremost about the answering of questions. Click Jo Natauri for additional related pages. The answers are provided as options. In addition to the resolution, there are also explanations and background information for each question. Winner is who first the new model of Aquamax”at the nursery of judges delivers. But also those who have better understood the basics of SAP with fun. In addition to a better understanding of business processes, which promotes learning.Game!SAP”the professional exchange and communication in the Group and contributes to the formation of the team. It is especially recommended when employees from different departments play with each other. The dialogue across Department boundaries enables a better mutual understanding and leads to more efficient work processes. This makes the game not only inside of SAP user companies but also for customers and business partners. The game was developed by Frank Wolf from Dresden. The artist Jorg Mai drew the game plan. Learning this!Game!SAP”can be ordered for 69.00 Euro including VAT at Poolix business games. Press photos printable press photos (300 dpi) of the learning!Game!You can download SAP”at presse.htm. About Poolix Poolix has specialized in educational games for the training and education of adults. It is headquartered in Dresden. Frieder Wolf is Managing Director. Website and online ordering see contact for editors verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh Peter Verclas, Philipp Herold Gaisbergstrasse 16 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (6221) 58787-35-34 fax: + 49 (6221) 58787-39 Internet: E-Mail:,

Virtual Seminars Around The Theme

Career week offers a virtual career week the international news and Careers from 15-19 November in the in the period from 15th 19th November 2010. Every night from 18 h 19 h “Career planning and career” topics in webinars. The participation is free of charge, registration is not necessary. Information is power and currency in the virtual world,”sang Billy Idol in the 1980s and nothing has changed until today. Lifelong learning is a crucial career factor in our fast-paced world in which we know infinitely more than our forebears ever did, but probably not so good. Judging by the overall available knowledge, by year are dumber to year.

With fatal consequences because executives need for the economy and potential applicants in the 21st century diverse behaviors and skills, to cope with the challenges and problems of a global economy world”, says Holger Vogel, founder of the news and career portal Skills such as learning to learn, teamwork, conflict resolution and social competence, intercultural understanding and communication skills are important basic skills, which make it easier for future leaders, to get in globally operating companies and to work in interdisciplinary teams.” With the career week, which for the first time opens its virtual classroom from November 15-19, the gives the go-ahead for the online Academy, which allows users to participate in webinars from anywhere in the world, and to discuss with experts from around the world on various topics. The program of career week offers the following topics:? per 18.-7p.m.: With personality to convince to score it at the entrance in the labour market is not only by skill and good grades, but to make even his personality in the right light. In this webinar, participants get to know yourself better and get an insight into the exciting world of personality and soft skills. 16.11.2010 18-19: 00: the written application an appealing application opens the doors to the personnel office of employer of choice and is an important step in the career start. .

Scientific Advisory Board

“Haus der Technik organizes the International Conference for the third time ‘ power battery ‘ / high-profile scientific leadership and Scientific Advisory Board of the call for papers to the Symposium power battery – automotive and power solutions – advanced battery development for automotive and utility applications and their electric power grid integration” is now published and also marks the kick-off Conference on 1 and 2 March 2011. this time Aachen to the meeting place of the battery world. As in the previous years in Mainz and food, the Haus der Technik 2011 already expected for the third time researchers, developers, and engineers along the entire value chain. So to all those who work around the theme of battery, will give the opportunity to find out first hand about all aspects of the development of the battery and the battery use. Tiny homes may not feel the same. Conference languages are german and English with simultaneous translation. On the day before the meeting the battery day will take place in addition North Rhine-Westphalia, where the spectrum of research and industry in the field of batteries in North Rhine-Westphalia will be presented. The call for papers has been published for the Symposium on the 1st 2.3.2011.

Experts are invited to present the latest research results, research projects and industrial developments and strategies in lectures and posters. Entries can be submitted on the following topics: lithium-ion cell and materials system integration and network integration of vehicle batteries storage traction batteries battery management for micro hybrid vehicles of the 2nd generation alternative storage technologies (E.g., Super capacitors, bipolar lead, NNiCl2, compressed air) resource availability and battery recycling machinery and equipment for the production of battery cells deadline for submission of abstracts is October 31, 2010. Refer to for the full call for papers (german and English).

Central Association

New: full-time training as cosmetician. Training starting October 2008 the Academy of cosmetic and wellness, Member of the Central Association of German beauty colleges, launches their first year full-time education to the beautician and in October this year starts the 6-month part-time training as cosmetician in addition again. The information evening is on Wednesday, September 24th in the rooms of the beauty Academy, beginning at 20:00. It is the third edition of avocational training to the beautician at the Academy of cosmetic and wellness, a testament to the quality of the beauty school. 1-year full time training for the beautician, where all content be practiced more extensively and supplemented by additional training areas under the thematic area of wellness, as well as general education subjects is new in the courses starting this year.

Foot care, nail modeling and design, make-up artist and several new massages are also courses in the areas of in the year 2009 (Aroma massage, hot stone massage, Ayurvedic massage,) Foot reflex zone massage) on the program. These training courses can be booked separately. To meet the increasing demand, extending the training rooms pending this year. Owner Anja Berbig attaches great importance to the quality of teaching. Therefore are in the Halbjahreskursen maximum 12 participants and maximum of 24 participants per course approved in the course of the year. This increases the repetition in the practical part and the students gain more security, at the same time the lecturers in the theory can go better on the issues\”, she explains from experience. Among other things a dermatologist, a Naturopath, a diploma social worker, a physiotherapist and an advertising expert belong to the beauty school instructor team. Upon successful completion, there are various career opportunities in the growing cosmetics and wellness market. These range from the self-sufficiency through employment in salons, cosmetics producers, dermatological practices, perfumeries, Spa and wellness facilities, as well as pharmacies.

Contract Negotiations

Good negotiations bring all parties an advantage. Good negotiations bring all parties an advantage. Find compromises but not fight for every penny. The workers should be satisfied with its content and the workers need to know that he paid no exorbitant price for new employees. It is important that you be let across the table, nor are too stubborn in the negotiations. Try to find the middle ground to satisfy the common interests. Stay fair! Try to negotiate bids concept at the Harvard University. This leaves neither winners nor losers, but creates a result from which both sides benefit.

As an example: Two sisters fight over an orange, one wants to squeeze juice, the other a cake Bake from the shell. So, they share the orange in the Middle, because they see only the positions (“I want as much as possible of the orange!”). When looking at the interest both to 100 percent would have can be satisfied: one through the whole orange peel, the others by the entire pulp. Not every negotiation must end with a result. There is no obligation of the consensus.

You will find no common ground, right off the bat is a second round in the game. This to do his homework of course in the meantime. Who wants to successfully negotiate needs to know what he wants! What will be achieved? What are the options? Where are the limits? You must take the interests of the other also seriously and accept other viewpoints. To prepare, you can for example Their interests name and weight. You can check in the market about the average salaries the salary negotiations for job interviews. Listen actively. Accept the opinions of the person. You should do power struggles. You give up too early and his you neither submissive nor arrogant. See more information about the subject of applications application sample letter Daniel Jordi