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United States and several European countries began to include the practices of human rights among its requirements for granting foreign aid. Then, the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 explicitly introduced human rights into the main agenda of relations between United States and the Soviet Union. The cold war came to an end at the end of the 1980s, and the Soviet flag was lowered from the Kremlin on December 25, 1991. The CSCE, which until then was engaged in organizing meetings and conferences, assumed a more important role: managing historic change that was taking place in Europe. It changed its name to the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and today is the largest organization of regional security in the world, with 56 countries from Europe, Central Asia and North America as members. The Copenhagen Declaration and the Paris principles of the OSCE they have had huge influence as parameters to measure performance on human rights and even the history of the democratic States. The 1970s were also the Decade in which he emerged as a political force international notable organizations non-governmental (NGOs) concerned with human rights those groups, in addition to defend the victims of human rights abuses, have influenced remarkably in national and international policies in this area. There is no doubt, as noted, that with the passage of time, have developed a set of instruments and mechanisms developed to ensure the primacy of human rights and addressing violations of human rights wherever occurring. Not that forget what they said the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the year 2000: the more people are aware of their own rights and respect the rights of others, more likely to be that live together in peace. Only if you instruct the people about human rights can we hope to prevent the violation of those rights and, thereby, also aspire to avoid conflicts. original author and source of the article.

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The risk rating: do Academy of sophists? Once again we are witnessing stupefied the collapse of economies, in this opportunity, the looks are put in the old and capitalist Europe, where it seems that has uncovered a pot, whose fumes, are causing more havoc than those produced by a volcano in Iceland’s unpronounceable name: Eyjafjallajokull, which has virtually paralyzed movements by air in several Nations of the continent. All we ask is that to more than two years of the American meltdown, where as we are told, emerging signs of a frank recovery of its economy, (surely encouraged by the fact that nobody dares to qualify the risks to the most powerful nation on the planet, much less demand you put on the table, as you are required to the rest of the world)(, enforceable minimum support for its currency, whose emission typewriter, still throwing up greenbacks with total impunity) may be collapsing economies as the Greece, shake the Portugal and Spain and put on red alert to the European Central Bank. When we started the study of the economic facts, one of the first things we learn, is that the so-called economic sciences, are the Queen of the social sciences, because the economy exists as such, because there are people, without the society as a whole, the development of this discipline would not have no raison d ‘ etre. So basically we can say that the economy as such, has been conceived as a tool at the service of society, in order to achieve the optimization of increasingly scarce resources for the benefit of all sectors comprising it, through actions that guarantee a fair distribution of income produced, the call plus worthwhich should be channeled to improve the quality of life of their members and say it should, because in fact, the stark reality shows the opposite. The economic activity of the Nations, has virtually cornered by financial speculation, the capital, which is a basic component of the production equation, has no homeland, nor is governed by moral standards, simply acts and invests where you can get positive results, and the procurement of these lucrative markets has resulted in the creation of entities specialized in direct investments, the now sadly familiar with the pompous name of consulting in risk. .

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OPPOSITIONS: Are the tests usually convened by the public bodies of the Central Administration, autonomous and Local. This alternative of access to employment has its advantages:-personal attitudes and physical presence are not so important. -The offered stalls offer some security. But also, despite what one thinks, have their difficulties:-hardness testing of access. -Large number of competitors/ACE. -It takes a long time to prepare the agendas. It must also be weighed against other aspects, such as the number of reserved seats for the / male and female staff/interns as, the yardstick (evaluation of previous labor activity in similar bodies of the Administration, courses, etc.). Considers, however, that, according to estimates, at least one third of the / as opponents as not usually present at the end and some of the / as presented will retest fortune or to see how are oppositions.

Don’t forget that you it’s a competition where only tend to succeed the / better prepared as / as, which often do not tend to be the most intelligent, but the most consistent. The user must analyze the pros and cons of this alternative, and if you choose to submit it, do so with decision and prepare with great tenacity topics. We are going to propose some guidelines which, in our view, can you be useful. Oppositions to the administration bodies convene every year through a public offer of employment (OPE) which is usually published in the official State Bulletin (BOE). You can consult these newsletters in libraries, official centres, town halls, etc. You can also resort to the guide of the opponent or to specific sections of some newspapers. In each call is indicated (opposition, contest or competition) selection system, type testing (syllabus, tests,), requirements of the / as candidates and dates as well as the place and form of applications submitted. One of the main aspects It is the preparation of the agenda, that the person can prepare it the same or acquire in academies or specialized centres which often provide support and guidance through specific courses. In the case of unable to attend to them, you can resort to specialized centres that prepare courses distance on the themes and strategies for dealing with these tests.

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Paraphrasing his article on the origins and meaning of the monument, it tells that being initiated Go’mez the agro-industry, I order the primitive cattle ranch of then. The Lactuario de Maracay was one of the first signals of this process, that it was not easy, since the improvement of the Creole race happened through many ups and downs. The Creole bulls had learned, by natural selection, to live in the hot and inclement plains on our earth but " musias" , in spite of the cares that received where the changes were born and that were realised in the cattle peasants to adapt them to the new desires of the Meritorious one, died for the same reason that also decimated part of the people of that time, little knowledgeable of plagues and diseases: the serpent bell. It is known that the gift arrived from France, sent by the grandson of the General Go’mez, Marks Santana, who was commissioner for the purchase of cattle in that one country, and looking for to animate the spirit of its grandfathers, pawned on the cattle development of the region, sent the bronze figure to him with the inscription: General, this one does not die to him. This impulse took to look for experts in health animal in Europe and the South Cone, and years then, abrir the schools of Veterinary Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela in Maracay. The reason of this one was not then bullfighting, although per years it was believed thus, thanks to ours " francs". By the bad articulation of the last name of the sculptor, the bull attributed itself to Mariano Benlliure, a Spanish sculptor lover of the bullfighting, and thanks to the ignited bullfighting passion that wrapped the city with an identical Arsenal to the one of Seville, it was easy to extend the species.

It counts Don Alberto that most expert of as much examining the work began to doubt since the aesthetic one than appeared in the pedestal did not correspond with a fight bull until after a detailed revision saw the man: Bonheur. Avendao admits that nothing of this name until in London knew, after seeing a wonderful painter who portrays a market of horses, wanted to know the name of its author and Marie Rosalie Bonheur, outstanding painter and French sculptor, been born in Bordeaux in 1922 said to him. The cronista refers then the responsibility to him, although he was really his brother, Isidoro, a recognized bronze animal sculptor, it did who it. Next to the tiger Tigers and bulls they fill the imaginary one of the inhabitants of Maracay, that was the indigenous name for the feline. Equipment of bsquetbol and baseball, footpaths statues and the memory of to have been the capital of Venezuela, grant to the capital aragea, that air of peace and tranquillity before the challenges of the future, them it would in a while see as who would declare its official residence, finishing off the importance of the organization, historical crossroads. Jeanfreddy Gutirrez – student of journalism and bloguero – 29 years – Maracay, Venezuela Source: Original author and source of the article

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In the end, Moscow received a jug of cold water, because he had hoped to achieve the approval of Washington on the occasion of the meeting between Putin and US President George W. Bush. Negotiations failed in a subject apparently minor, such as the health controls of imports of meat. In terms of energy, the great theme of the Summit, the European disappointment seems evident, seen that there was no significant progress on the opening of the Russian market to competition. The positive point, as he stressed the Russian Kommersant business daily, is the Declaration on the enhancement of energy security, which promises a growing use of recyclable energies and nuclear energy.

According to the economic daily Vedomosti, the Summit can be noted by the apparent absence of results but ended without excesses or scandals. It is worth taking into account what indicates that Russia has used its role as host of the G-8 Summit to demonstrate to the world that is no longer a prostrate country unable to exert influence even in the old Soviet glacis, but, instead, aspires with forces renovated to an important role in the global concert of powers. Appeals by Putin that Russia is not already submitted or will tolerate foreign interference is a warning to the United States, whose movements in countries results of the Soviet implosion, from Ukraine to the republics of Central Asia, have intensified since the 11-S. And the aspirations of Putin have increasing bases of reality.

Firstly in the restructuring and centralization of the same internal structure of the Russian bourgeoisie and state that Putin, through a scheme with inherited authoritarian forms of the KGB, has completed successfully. Converting the political weakness of a few years ago in the early signs of Fortress. And secondly an economic recovery, which is not unrelated to the restructuring and political centralization, and that uses as main letter huge Russian energy resources. Very interesting to consider indicating, that behind the bitter discussion on energy security held in Petersburgo, hide movements of Fund that threaten to vary substantially the global energy geostrategy. For U.S. control of the production and distribution of energy has been a pillar, and not the least important of his hegemonic system. Through the relationships of dependence on the main producer countries, and military control over the distribution channels, Washington has exercised this role for decades. But, as with other aspects of the international situation, the emergence of China is substantially influencing the traditional energy balance favourable to the United States. The movements of China to ensure a stable energy supply essential to maintain their levels of growth-alongside a Russian revival that uses its superpower status energy as global Charter, or the irreducibility of strategic actors like Iran, are creating a horizon energy increasing concern for Washington. The last movement in the Energy Board is a good example of this trend. Within the framework of the SCO, Russia and Iran reached an agreement by which Russian giant Gazprom second global energy company after Exon – made charge, providing financial and technical support of Rusia-iran – India gas pipeline. The union between Russia first world producer of natural gas, and second of petroleum after Saudi – Arabia and Iran with the second world’s oil reserves and gas – involves the creation of a power pole that would control 43% of global natural gas (a figure close to 60% if we add the former Soviet republics).