If you think that in Russia at this time of year is very cold, try to imagine what would your life in the coldest cities on Earth. Since the temperature in parts of Russia last week dropped down to – 25C, with modern facilities to purchase cheap airline tickets in different directions, let's look at the situation in nekotoroyh capitals of the world where hardly want to even leave the airport. Not all love the heat. Low temperature deters those who prefer only the sun and sand, but in a frozen city, you can easily hide from the summer crowds. Even in the distant capital can find cheap flights from Moscow and to go on the deed. However, if you do decide to go on vacation to visit in winter and the coldest place on earth, it is strongly recommended to bring thermal underwear and a hot water bottle. 1.

Astana (Kazakhstan)-52C capital of Kazakhstan (up to 1997 , the former capital was the city of Alma-Ata) is famous for its futuristic architecture. Each tourist must needs to visit the "Peace Palace", the presidential residence Ak Orda, or mosque Nur Astana. The observation tower Baiterek 105 meters high monument is the symbol of the city. They say that it embodies the popular legend of the tree of life, a magic bird of happiness and the egg. In winter, Astana is not recommended to be in the style of Borat Mancini. 2. Ulan Bator (Mongolia)-49C located on the banks of the River Tola, the capital of Mongolia is surrounded by four sacred mountains, which on the north side are overgrown with thick pine forests, and the southern slopes of the pass in the desert with tall grass. In the summer of quite warm, but winters are very harsh, so be sure to get their clothes made of camel hair. It is worn all the locals, and it is very popular due to excellent ability to retain heat.