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Life, love, landscapes: New photo gallery at since, the simplified license image agency, in autumn last year their virtual portfolio opened, it boasts an extraordinary range of motif. “This has now expanded it to a diverse series of photos from New York, the Big Apple” experience from unusual perspectives. Even classical motifs such as the Empire State Building present themselves in a whole new way. Besides many stills and exciting details different, but also authentic people shots of indigenous and New Yorkers who were recruited at spontaneous Street castings as models can be found. Despite the statics of the medium photography succeeds in so, seems a stunning motif selection to offer the unparalleled lifestyle of New York nor to pulsate. Perhaps check out Bank of New York for more information.

Otherness is basically the philosophy of “, says managing director Jan Wezel. This is reflected clearly in our simplified, customisable system of use, as well as offer image reflected.” Instead of artificial compositions show the motives of what is already there but often overlooked. You capture authentic life and landscapes, often focus on unusual details and perspectives that make visible and experience the familiar in a completely new way. The whole range including the stunning New York impressions can be found at brief establishes the simplified license image data bank after years of experience with image archives and stock agencies the print template maker Jan Wezel 2008 A simple, unified system makes the one-click wonders”views, searching and ordering. All motives are to have three of the same sizes and price categories. The use can be advertising, editorial, or exclusively.

Exclusivity also offers the service: individual subject and use requirements be gladly considered. The ever-growing image bank photographs leave nothing to be desired: unusual motifs and harmonious compositions create meaningful,. Sage – and emotion-strong imagery, which stand out from the crowd. More information and the online portfolio can be found on the Internet at a product of VISIOMAX Verwaltungs GmbH Volmerswerther str. 26 40221 Dusseldorf phone: 02 11/15 96 96 81 E-Mail: contact person: Jan Wezel (Managing Director) for more information, dates or printfahiges images contact please: LexxHexx the text witch Nataly Brombach on Bock 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 7333320 eMail:

New York

But Ellen refused this offer outrageous and said that for them it would be to give a matter of course something found, without expecting a reward for it. Learn more about this with Hudson River. The young man stood in the background and Ellen whispered to something, which she repeated with a smile on your face towards me. Additional information at NJ barista supports this article. She said I could invite the two on a mug of beer, we’d call it even. Said and done. We went over the Theresienwiese and searched for a marquee, which could accommodate more guests and host. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of hicham aboutaam on most websites. My friend Nina and Melli were my attendants in the evening and had to join because of me many mood swings.

First frivolous and full ELAN, then, grieved after loss of the chain, and unfortunate and now again bright and good spirits. As we entered the tent it was noisy and full to bursting. We joined in the wild Geschunkel, and loomed the first and not the last measure of the evening a short time later. In the Boozed we got to know everyone better. A small stitch put to me seeing how naturally and effortlessly Ellen and Tony together went to, because I have more honest way confess that right off the bat was more than sympathetic me Tony. When I opened the two but then, that they Siblings are, my heart made a small leap of joy. My first tentative overtures have been met by Tony in the course of the evening-happy way.

We got along right off the bat so well that we never broke down last year over the contact and we have arranged for this year’s Festival. After this year has passed so painfully slow, it is time, with me a little souvenir from me especially Tony to New York. Because I know that Tony wears no jewelry at all, I give with a duplicate of my chain occupied with Rhinestones. Maybe you can see this as a sign, that our encounter was not just a coincidence, but maybe even fate.

Los Fibromas Treatment

For most women, cure fibroids naturally is the preferred choice if it is that they are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms caused by fibroids are estimates that around 50% of women have fibroids, although the exact number is not known because many women will never be aware of his presence because they do not always cause symptoms. Fibromas are tumors that grow inside and outside the womb they can vary in size from 5 mm up to 16 cm. They are more common in women who are in their twenties and thirties and will think that they are fed by estrogen. They tend to be reduced around the menopause and its symptoms are reduced accordingly. While it is true that some women decide to endure your symptoms knowing that will be reduced upon reaching menopause, for many women this is not an option.

Their symptoms can be unbearable, or they may be causing other medical problems. When women begin to look for treatment options, they immediately find is that they are limited. Truly, the choice of naturally cure fibroids, is not always obvious. For very large fibroids, doctors often recommend hysterectomies and it should be accepted that this is one major surgical procedure, that it entails risks of surgery and long recovery periods. Other available treatments there are good to remove individual fibroids or to try to reduce them with several methods. We return to clarify that this entails risks and recommended types of treatment will be dependent on the age of the woman, his general State of health and whether or not to have more children. One of the difficulties with the medical treatments that shrink or remove individual fibroids is that it is likely to return in time because the current cause of fibroids has not been eliminated. As an alternative to conventional medical treatments, there is a proven way to cure fibroids naturally and the majority of women prefer a natural treatment to surgery or medical interventions.

This treatment works for the vast majority of women and uses an action plan simple 7 steps which currently treats the causes of fibroids and dwarfs not only existing ones. The plan takes into account the diet, lifestyle, and many other factors and will tell you exactly that treatments will work in your individual case. To the very important you see, this will equip it with the means to prevent that they grow back. Fibroids are a condition that responds well to natural remedies and in an ideal condition to be treated because it is very rare that they constitute a threat of imminent death. It makes complete sense to try a natural treatment to reduce fibroids before resorting to surgery or any type of hormonal drugs that can have their own side effects.


br the history of the adventure human being in this planet results of what we make. Therefore, not only we make history. We are proper it. Barcelos (2008) .ResumoEm result of the technological development and the consumerism, the environment has passed for intense transformations, induced for the proper man. The first decade of century XXI is being marked for a warm world-wide debate concerning the ambient questions. What it makes to spread out the idea of finitude of the natural resources and the subtilities of the natural mechanism of the planet. Together with the growth of the quarrels on problematic the ambient one, it also grows, the collective concern with the common future of the humanity, thus creating, the necessity of a counterpoint, capable to brake the destruction process. The Ambient Education (EA) appears in virtue of the concern human being with the quality of life, however, its context is very ample and encloses social, economic aspects, politicians, ethical and cultural.

With Conference River 92, had a true globalization of the ambient questions, despertando a concern without precedents in relation to the degradation caused for the technological development/industrial. Such Conference was responsible also, for the propagation of the idea that development and environment constitute a binomial and are sides of one same currency having, therefore, to have values and priorities equivalents, that is, it is essential to develop economically, but it is vital that the natural resources are saved so that not faltem.IntroduoMeus grandmothers were happy and they did not know. It has 50 years, perhaps less, the environment was closely on to the condition existence human being. Visit hicham aboutaam for more clarity on the issue. The waters were abundant and clean, air were pure, the green forests and the ground productive In the region where my grandmothers lived did not have asphalt, electricity and nor canalized water.


I then look at all the works which had made my hands and the work that take to make them and behold all was vanity and vexation of spirit and without profit below from sunlight thus concludes Solomon this first part of its analysis, although the book is much more comprehensive and extensive, we can not transcribe everything as we wanted to, but also leaves us a reflection and thereon give suggestions, let’s see which are: also aborreci all my work that had been done under the Sun, which I will have to leave to another that will come after my. And who knows if will be wise or foolish which is ensenoreara of all my work that I me afane and that occupy my wisdom under the Sun? This also is vanity. Hicham aboutaam is often quoted on this topic. There is nothing better for men but eat and drink, and that his soul be happy in their work. I’ve also seen that this is the hand of God. Because the man who pleases God, God gives wisdom, science and joy, more the sinner gives the work of collecting and stacking, to give it to him that is pleasing to God.

This also is vanity and vexation of spirit. ANDA, and eat thy bread with joy, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; because your works are already pleasing to God. At all times your dresses and never miss ointment on your head are white. He enjoys life with the woman you love, every day of the life of your vanity that you are given under the Sun, all the days of your vanity; because this is your part in the life and in your work that you afanas under the Sun. Everything that desireth you on hand to do, do it according to your strength; because in Sheol where you go, there is no work or work, or science, or wisdom.

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before you to come the bad days, and reach the years of which you say: I have no contentment in them. The end of all ear speech is this: fear God and keep his commandments, because this is the whole of man. Because God will bring every work into judgment, together with every hidden thing, good or bad.

New York

Further consequences in German language will follow after the Christmas Star”. Bob tomato, Larry Gurke, junior asparagus, Laura carrot and their vegetable friends engage, so that children become fit and equipped. In the United States, the colorful vegetables put already a success story and moves up with Disney on the first places that when parents are asked, what TV and video productions they show their children gladly and without hesitation (study Olson, Minneapolis 2000). In the exciting VeggieTales adventure are values such as friendship, confidence, trust and gratitude. Learn more about this with Chief Keef. Rousing songs make a hit from every episode. The VeggieTales slip into hero roles of Knights as Don Quichotte, detectives such as Sherlock Holmes, pirates, Cowboys and the story of the prophet Jonah. I’m sure that they don’t Cook themselves let! The vegetable heroes convince with truthfulness, and wit. At the numerous parodies of well-known film classics, no eye stays dry even in adults! In addition, the vegetable engaged in things healthy, tasty food and movement – the basics for a healthy development – many events.

The latest news about fresh vegetables always see contact: Holmlueck 11 – 15 D-24972 Steinberg Church Managing Director: Manfred Lange (CEO), Ulf Ramminger (CEO) FON: + 49. 4632. 8758. 700 fax: + 49. 4632. 7788 LIFEHOUSE media project & Marketing GmbH & co. KG in the responsibility as media entrepreneur is LIFEHOUSE FILM important to establish projects worth formative content especially for children and young people. Since 1997, LIFEHOUSE FILM produces high-quality formats for children, youth and families for film and television.

LIFEHOUSE FILM sustainably successful productions for children’s film, campaigns, image and TV commercials and documentaries, reports and music formats realized which aired on ARD, KI.KA, RTL, ZDF, NDR, N24 VOX, and on other channels. The productions, including the are excellent > best international feature film 2004 < at the New York international independent film and video festival. Two children’s films broadcast in the ZDF and KI.KA are still awarded. As a TV documentary about reconciliation in Rwanda.

KAMAZ Vehicles

For many decades, "KAMAZ" offers high-class equipment at reasonable price. Extensive network of service centers and spare parts required and ensures the trucks of the brand leader in the market. Cargo vehicles "KAMAZ" The most popular representatives of the KAMAZ trucks – dump trucks. Without them unrealistic to manage the construction and delivery of various cargoes. "KAMAZ" characterized by significant power, high speed and excellent maneuverability.

Dump trucks KAMAZ comfortable to use and does not cause difficulties in the repair. Equally popular and board trucks KAMAZ, who won hearts of customers' ideal price / quality ratio. Truck tractors "KAMAZ" is widely used in the trailers, giving an opportunity to reduce costs in freight over long distances. Axle trucks KAMAZ 4×2, 6×4, 6×6; capacity ranges from 10 to 21 tons, the length ranges from 6 to 9 pm Due to its technical characteristics, and correct pricing manufacturer, tractors KAMAZ significantly higher than competitors. In addition, KAMAZ produces a rich range of chassis, it is very prevalent in its market segment. Special vehicle KAMAZ KAMAZ offers a rich selection of special equipment with which the real implement construction of the century and beyond. Trucks – used for transporting and mixing concrete. Truck – implement handling of the predominantly operated for construction and installation works.

Crane-manipulators installation (CMU) – are designed not only to transport the crane to the desired object, but also often used for transportation. Gain insight and clarity with Santa Claus Frappuccino. Transport and petrol cars tanks – designed for delivery and filling of light fuel products. Tank semi-trailer – can deliver and store various types of oil, gas condensate, etc. Cement – are designed to transportation of bulk and powder loads. Hydraulic lifts (AGP) – operated for work at height (up working and the necessary tools to a certain height to repair power lines or construction works. Food tanks perform the delivery of food (eg milk, beer). Communal equipment provided vehicles for garbage collection and sewer machines. Proven Specialized equipment KAMAZ can solve serious problems of medium and large businesses. KAMAZ lease KAMAZ delivers a robust and diverse enough trucks and specialized equipment, which renders indispensable assistance in the business. To date, there is a productive leasing program, which gives an opportunity not to purchase expensive specialized equipment and lease it to the desired date. Just because leasing first-class freight cars and specialized machinery KAMAZ will work on the development of the enterprise, even with a small starting capital.

New York Gifts

Buy gifts for Christmas in the shop already heralded is the advent and Christmas is coming up soon. With December the final sprint for the Christmas shopping starts at the same time. The search for the perfect gift for your loved ones will cost each year much energy and time: you now have the choice. Finding the right gift is not easy at the huge selection. However, can be found presents trends in the online shop. With the ShopWiki online-shopping search engine, you can find the perfect Christmas gift. Disney helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Finally you can compare offers and prices in the online-shop and immediately receives the best gifts trends 2010 Christmas gifts online to buy the care of Christmas gifts every year is a challenge.

It is not easy to find the perfect gift. The enormous selection and the crowds in the stores make it difficult the search for the ideal gift. In the online shop (he) to save are mostly time and money. As you can well compare, and price and spotted the Christmas trends 2010 at a glance ( wiki/Christmas #Geschenke). This year, the trend toward electronics and fine quality. Fine quality for women perfumes and bags are a classic, but they never lose popularity.

In 2010, fine fragrances and handbags are an ideal gift for mothers ( wiki/Christmas gifts for mothers). To pleasure a partner ( wiki/Christmas gifts for the girlfriend) with jewelry, as well as with vouchers. So we are to not only a great experience, but also shared time with concert tickets or Wellnessgutscheinen. Electronics and high-tech for the men of buying a gift for men is a challenge every year. This year therefore the perfect Christmas surprise for men ( wiki/Christmas gifts for fathers) are gifts from the electronics sector. So this is Apple’s new iPad on the wish list of many men. As game consoles should not be missed under the Christmas tree for the partner ( wiki/Christmas gifts-for-the friend). ShopWiki collected over 300,000 online shops with over 300 million products. To facilitate your search for the right product, ShopWiki with Beratungsguides helps in the buying decision. In addition to the unique product index, consumers find valuable background information on individual products and categories. These go beyond the usual product descriptions and help to make the right decision. So you will find wiki/Seasonal2 for example when searching for Christmas #Geschenke great tips and suggestions for buying Christmas 2010. ShopWiki ShopWiki is the world’s largest service for comfortable and time – and money-saving shopping on the Internet with currently over 300 million products and over 300,000 collected online stores. An algorithm developed by ShopWiki crawls and indexes the Internet regularly and catalogued the found shops and products. The ShopWiki aims, each online product available for indexing. ShopWiki has been founded in 2005 by Kevin P. Ryan, the former CEO of DoubleClick, Dwight Merriman, former DoubleClick CTO and Eliot Horowitz in New York.

Entomological Research

According to Mireya Manfrini and Claudius Soda, of the Entomological Research center of the National University of Cordova, in Argentina, it is possible to be spoken of three groups, taking care of his possible danger for archives specifically and libraries. In a first group they would be the underground thermites, that create their nests in the ground and underground penetrate in the building, damaging wood and paper. In the second group the thermites would be located that require means with high humidity, but they adapt well to libraries because the paper offers minor resistance that the wood. – Finally, are the dry wood thermites, whose more dangerous representative, the Cryptotermes brevis, lives in beams, wood furniture, floors, etc. and destroy practically all the interior of the piece lodges that them. Aside from cellulose, they eat leather and parchment, and although they cannot live in atmospheres droughts very, hold the air conditioning well. But the thermites are not the unique danger. The cockroaches also make much damage and are common in libraries and archives the black cockroach, the blonde and the American or cucarachn, that can arrive at the 5 centimeters of size.

The damage that produces to books can be very serious, mainly in tropical regions, where it attracts them to the paper by his humidity. In addition, they eat the cardboard, they scrape labels in the backs of books, attack its binding and they soil the paper with its depositions.Also, other as common insects as ants, wasps, bees, bumblebees, etc. do not damage the paper directly, but they indirectly harm when constructing its nests or to place its eggs in him. As far as the butterflies and polillas, they are its larvae or caterpillars those that can attack works, since they own masticador buccal apparatus. A species of cricket, the Gryllus damesticus, also consumes paper, as well as fabric, leather and glues and, sometimes, are voracious.


Who knows to find a place pleasant. A window where if it offers a landscape to me. Where my look can be esbaldar. A horizon where it fits beyond things and interests; people. Where the smiles mean language. I hug it and the hand squeeze a humanizao signal. Between thoughts I do not perceive the time to esvair itself. Here it is that I arrive at the next station.

Station 2011! It was one morning that seemed equal to as much others. While it has left the locomotive I came across myself with a child to call its grandmother. She cried out frantic: – V, a waterfall Looks at! A waterfall! It leaves of shout, boy. The mouth is silent, insisted. the boy continued astonished to cry out: it looks at the waterfall! It looks at the Waterfall! And I to hear: it looks at the life! It looks at the Life! Of eyes fixed in that wire d? water that it drained to the foot of the track, I thought about the life. I thought about the children. In the simple lies. However, as it can a wonderful waterfall appear of one filete d? water and a gravel? It is.

We are well in the way of a river. Of great volume river of the life! Perhaps in the next mouth let us come across us with a wonderful waterfall. Let us learn with the children. A waterfall if form of a simple ones to look at different, nor always of complex conquests. so that waterfalls exist is necessary rocks. In the river of the life many rocks meet. Ace times we try to remove them. We complain of the wounds who if open in them. Let us work then in the construction of our waterfall. Let us collect the rocks, making use them in such way that they can produce beauty. Plus a stretch of this river if it presents in them. Year 2007! You are the coxwain of this boat. He brings alongside it. It studies the stretch. Perhaps this is the place adjusted for the construction of its In this instant I hear the bell informing that it is hour to leave. Eye pra me and I see the station In the track the life It made one day cold and it started to rain. I sat down I caught a rock and I thought about a beautiful the global locomotive? This we know well! Good trip!