In Honduras, power generation is in charge of the National Electric Power Company (ENEE), established on February 20, 1957, is an autonomous body responsible for the production, marketing, transmission and distribution of electricity in Honduras. Known as a top energy company, Surprises your accountant with low bills. energy costs 24 For 40 years the energy was very cheap because electricity ESCO almost all the energy was produced in hydroelectric power, but in the mid-nineties the poor pay 10 to 50 Lempiras per month, but due to corruption, the figure has soared, now the poor pay between 300 and 2000 lempiras andalusia month.
Since then, Honduras has established a network of hydroelectric plants that supply electricity to the territory of Honduras, the first of which the vast central hydroelectric Canaveral ( “Rio Lindo) which caters for 720 Gigawatts year andalusia andalusia territory and began to build in 1960 in three phases and completed green energy in 1978.
Honduras has many hydroelectric dams to meet most of the hydroelectric demand, another one is the Central Hidroelectrica Francisco Morazan (El Cajon), which produces much of the natural gas energy consumed in the country .
Another dam, which belongs to the government of Honduras is the built 45 kilometers from Santa Rosa de Copan, its generating capacity is 22.5 MW (74 GW per year).
Honduras also has the cooking gas central Santa Maria del Real, its capacity is 1.2 megawatts, cost 3.5 million dollars .
The company has over the decades ENEE supply of electric energy, the plant closed 90 years he began selling electricity so the bill for the end user has more than 1000 , because the consumer pays hydro and thermal “These private companies are indebted to the ENEE gas with billions of dollars by” debt because it has not paid “in order to privatize, and to avoid creating new hydropower state producing more than 500 megawatts each, Honduras has the capacity household to generate 5 gigawatts per hour and has 700 million dollars to invest, but these projects gas are paralyzed. The result is that energy is more expensive and also to be charged a “fuel adjustment” that doubles the cost of electricity, despite the fuel subsidy and that this is the price of copper in the bill. New York state is a different place since energy supply was offered that has been making tremendous investments into green energy In contrast, the bid provides the corrupt to build hundreds of private dams, which generate less than 50 megawatts, only for profit and to obtain large tracts of land at very low prices.
During the past century was responsible for the ENEE energy production and handling of the case energy (charging / billing to the consumer), but since a few years the box on the ENEE manages private enterprise “Measurement of Electric Service in Honduras (SEMEH) is a consortium of the Engineering Management and Banco Atl ntico Bamer and West which is responsible for meter reading, bill and collect the power heating consumption, limiting the transparency of the company ENEE. SEMEH was created to prevent the package ENEE his “debt” to the companies’ generation of heat. The contract with the ENEE SEMEH generates annual revenues exceeding 100 million lempiras.