Typically, media centers support Memory Card ms, sd, mmc, cf, smc. However, even the presence of such components does the computer media center. Only the appearance of new software products allowed to create a single logical system of coordinating , allowing withdrawal of all control on a remote control. For example, last year, Microsoft introduced Windows xp Media Center Edition with a simple and user-friendly interface: on the company's blue-light blue strip of vertical scrolling are groups of content and management teams, in coordination with the remote control. Audio and video tests show that higher-level sound cards today is not much inferior to the quality of sound amplification technology Class Hi-Fi. To the same can be said about cards. In favor of the media center in the first place is the fact that, apart from its own processor audio and video, in the process of signal processing involved, and the central processing computer, is incomparably more powerful than an analog receiver or amplifier.

Especially that acoustics home theater media center is the same as on standard components. Radio and Television Current tv tuners that make up the media centers have great opportunities for working with audio-video (AV) signal than any tv. Mediacenter able to digitize an analog television signal, compress it, convert, to make installation and record on DVD-discs. Built-in radio receiver can receive all the air radio station. "Smart House" And certainly a huge plus media center – the ability to use it as a basis for constructing a system of control so-called smart house.