The question is entitled impressions of a financial crisis, keeping the world in suspense. Because, as once the eBay away rolled wave across the world, makes it something that economic crisis could be described as a financial crisis or but world, the round and put the whole world on terror. But a little back. In the past year, US banks were ominous shops. “Looking back it’s called the dubious goings-on, that there once gang and give was, the real estate crisis”.

“Where citizens was awarded funds, to buy a home, which away from the reputation of the borrower” was. This triggered a chain reaction, which messed up dice the entire money and finance, or rather still the economy and stock markets was roughly summarized crash”left. And alone in the United States more than a dozen U.S. banks insolvency had to sign. Most major banks under the rescue package, the Government will be in Germany back. Among other things, made himself in recent months, as well as still, a Crisis of confidence, the respective credit companies themselves wide. Meanwhile, all major banks bailouts fueled to bring the battered banks, or the entire economy and economy back to life.

But the question which arises is, was all that now? Everything can be made and must, to the desolate world economic front man get on to. The European Central Bank in recent months, interest rates several times, reduced to just the economy again running to get, and the consumer mood, the EU citizens may once again increase and partly the conditions at the banks (not in the money system, but rather with loans) to improve. Governments have allowed your lifeboats in the water and stoked billion heavy packages. Was thinking about a bad Bank that buys rotten securities off the banks, as well. Also in the Federal Government. In the United States of the new President, a trillion dollars to (ultimately soon established) package into action, where just this American bad Bank comes to fruition. What also stock exchanges reacted positively. The question is now, how fast alkimatisieren is all of the money and financial markets again, and when you rehabilitate himself. According to forecasts, 20 million people to lose world up to the year 2010 worldwide work. Other experts believe that the ECB will cut interest rates again, and that in this summer. The banks have plant reduced products often just the interest on money, but not reduced for the all-important mid-market lending rates. And last but not least the Exchange, not quite know whether in Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo but, where you currently stand between good or evil. Where ever. .. where you once were, you are no longer. Sebastian Brodbeck article writers at web.