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Dr. Hetmeier real estate recommends private sellers which most people buy involvement an estate agent and sell only once in the life of a real estate. However, without estimates result well half of all private seller in Germany on the intervention of an estate agent. The Dortmund Dr. Hetmeier real estate agency advises private sellers, however, to hire a real estate agent with the sale of their real estate. Many private sellers see only the costs of the broker and not its benefits.

High values are moved on the real estate market. Errors can be quickly expensive, good advice pays off, however,”touts agent Dr. Marita Hetmeier for the services of their profession. Most fail due to excessive rates real estate sales, which are addressed without the intervention of a broker. Often real estate offered for more than a year as sour beer.

At some point the seller are approaching a fair market price gradually. But often the real estate is already dead inserted and not for sale and then it says: after expenses. In such cases, we recommend desperate sellers, to postpone the sale for at least six months. Only after a certain waiting period we are selling at a competitive price with prospect of success.” It is found, is a market-driven price for sales success on a professional marketing. Private sellers are often overwhelmed after assessment by agent Dr. Hetmeier so. Above all private sellers underestimate the considerable cost of good advertising and not wide enough, sprinkle your listings the Dortmund Realtor says: we don’t make a mess, we pads. People such as Vinit Bodas would likely agree. We advertise the property of our clients in the three leading real estate markets of the Internet as well as local and national print media. We place great emphasis on meaningful exposes with appealing texts. We take the time, photographically perfect for setting up the homes of our customers. The visual impression of a real estate advertisement on the Internet is often crucial. The performance of the broker leads to significantly higher demand and generally pays off for the seller.” How much is the sales order to the broker? The Dortmund Office Dr. Hetmeier Immobillen calculated for his services as a rule a brokerage fee in the amount of 6% plus VAT, which will be divided equally between seller and buyer: the Division of the Commission is best suits the position of the broker as an intermediary between seller and buyer. That’s good practice here with us in Westphalia and a fair deal. Important for the seller: the broker fee is a success fee. The seller must pay only the broker, if the purchase agreement with the buyer signed and sealed.” Does it make sense to hire multiple listings with the sale of a property? Agent Dr. Hetmeier strongly advises against: many cooks spoil the mush. If two or even more estate agents advertise a property to possibly different prices, nothing good can come out. The seller damage yourself with such a strategy. We operate only on the basis of a single job. “It’s good for us, but also in the best interests of the seller.

Modern Office Architecture

The business corner in Linz-Urfahr probably the best workplace an upper Austrian could wish. While outside the upper individual office towers competitive stretch Austrian cities in the sky, fine projects, see the new business corner in the capital of Culture Linz, which maximize the available space, newly inspired by the surroundings and provide a bright, pleasant atmosphere and the people working there are in the city. The business corner in Linz-Urfahr probably the best workplace an upper Austrian could wish. But the building has to offer more than appealing architecture and efficient land use. Latest Home technology is their place: a unique air conditioning was of course attention. Chaired by the team of architects designed Zellinger-Landrichtinger SAK colossal building with approximately 8,000 m2 residential and commercial space is a two-storey underground car park with a total of 137 pitches.

Public transport is new residential and business construction by Pleschinger Lake, the bus lines 33 and 38 / Hunter in the Valley of the LINZ lines optimally connected. The stops are located right on the doorstep. On the ground floor is the placement of three businesses, including a target point is, this is a food providers, Concord mattresses and an Asian restaurant. On the first floor of well-known companies are hired a, for example the successful Linz company, blue vest equity financial management only one expected many companies to name a few, in this building, even in economically precarious times, a great future. The company blue vest equity is very committed to creating a great workplace and consulting room, in which you can feel comfortable your employees and customers. Previously, the blue vest equity was in the Ferihumerstrasse and a further branch in the nearby Peuerbachstrasse. In recent years, the company grew so rapidly that it needed a bigger Office.